CARLOS CASTANEDA : THE FLYERS MIND – Active side of infinity

the Shaman are able to understand so much about our universe without
ever taking a physics class. The values and experiences shared are powerful enough for one to rediscover Life and take a whole new
perspective on what is going on around us.

“Ordinarily, events that change our path are impersonal affairs, and yet extremely personal.” 

Don Juan Matsus

“I suggest that you gather a collection of the memorable events of your life.

The shamans of ancient Mexico conceived of the collection of memorable events as a bona-fide device to stir caches of energy that exist within the self. They explained these caches as being composed of energy that originates in the body itself and becomes displaced, pushed out of reach by the circumstances of our daily lives. In this sense, the collection of memorable events is the means for redeploying our unused energy.”

“The prerequisite for this collection is the genuine and all-consuming act of putting together the sum total of one’s emotions and realizations, without sparing anything. The shamans of our lineage were convinced that the collection of memorable events was the vehicle for the emotional and energetic adjustment necessary for venturing, in terms of perception, into the unknown.”

My teacher, Don Juan Matsus, said this is guiding me as his apprentice to collect what I considered to be the memorable events of my life…. Don Juan described the total goal of the shamanistic knowledge that he handled as the preparation for facing the definitive journey: the journey that every human being has to take at the end of his life. He said that what modern man referred to vaguely as life after death was, for those shamans, a concrete region filled to capacity with practical affairs of a different order than the practical affairs of daily life, yet bearing a similar functional practicality. Don Juan considered that to collect the memorable in their lives was, for shamans, the preparation for their entrance into that concrete region, which they called the active side of infinity.”

In this book written immediately before his death, anthropologist and shaman Carlos Castaneda gives us his most autobiographical and intimately revealing work ever, the fruit of a lifetime of experience and perhaps the most moving volume in his oeuvre.


Don Juan Matus — 

The 4 natural enemies of a man of knowledge 

Don Juan Matus explains the hardships of becoming a “Man of Knowledge”




Carlos Castaneda-Don Juan 


There is culture that is true and then there is the ego-culture a parasite on the true but supressed culture that we share. The parasite is greater at present. Love is total attention for what you do. Love defeats the ego. The quality of greater love is highest possible precision and vital general truths. Find the general vital truths and the parasite suffers a major defeat. Accept the general lies, and the “beings” rule us — the Bible called them demons and the like, or just ‘evil spirits’.

It is our fear that they are after. It is what sustains them. They are harmless to us otherwise. Don Juan would control them by dolling out his fear a little at a time. If you are aware of them but do not fear them then they are harmless and in fact will steer clear of you. Remember that love is simply the absence of fear. They can’t handle love.

Much of Castaneda & Don Juan is very compatible with many of the teachings of Gnosticism.

Inorganic beings = Archons