Secret Space War XVIII: Completely Verboten ! … LIMITED DISCLOSURE

. . . Space Station Photo of the entrance to the Hollow Earth at the South Pole ? . It has been reported that the Powers That Be (PTB) who control Secret Space… Continue reading


. . THE FLYING SHOE . Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned . In this clip, Preston James the alien agenda and what he’s learned from his secret sources over decades. He… Continue reading

Preston James : The Worm Has Turned”… ALIEN AGENDA – “Majestic-12 has decided that Disclosure will be allowed”

. . The Coming Exposure, Containment and Deconstruction of the Illuminati . . LINK . Key points : The “Worm has Turned” at a very high level The RCC [Ruling Crime Cabal] is… Continue reading

The Coming Return of the Real US Dollar

. . … by *Lee Wanta (Edited by Preston James, Ph.D.) . . The Federal Reserve System (aka the “Fed”), a bank franchisee of the City of London private Zionist Bankers, is now… Continue reading

Preston James : Ending the Continuing Stream of America’s Secret Shadow Government Psyops

. . This entity, the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) is comprised of super-elite deviants who view themselves as “above the law” in every way imaginable. And they are evil beyond imagination. When their… Continue reading

Veterans Today Radio – US UK State backed Genocidal Murderers and maiming children … Stew Webb Preston James

    THE BRITISH ROYAL PHARAOHS’ DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE . The Dark Side of the Sun Judeo-Christianity. “Son of the Sun” (Aton) . . The Pharaonic Lion and Unicorn primarily symbolizes the… Continue reading

ALFRED WEBRE : ZIONIST Draco Reptilian & Grey ET Takeover – the Gaza/Palestinian Assault

. . . SOURCE POSTED BY ALFRED WEBRE LINK Draco Reptilian & Grey ET Takeover, the Gaza/Palestinian Assault, and possible decimation of 90% USA “And it is believed by numerous insiders that these… Continue reading

Alien Agenda V: World Zionists Play Russian Roulette With Alien ETs

. . Georgia Guidestones which allegedly recite the Alien Agenda for Planet Earth in eight different languages and contain the “New Ten Commandments” that Alien ETs plan to institute after their Global population… Continue reading

Secret Space War XVII: Who Runs the New NSA Facility At Bluffdale ?

. . . “It has been alleged by insiders that the Top Policy-makers who run the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) are split in their beliefs about what the effect would be on the… Continue reading

Secret Space War XVI: The Draco’s Secret War Against American Goyim

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Secret Space War XIV : Tall White Nordics call Marduk’s Bluff

. Last December, 2013, 91 world leaders attended Nelson Mandela’s so-called “Funeral”. Russian President Vladimir Putin was notably absent.(1) At the time this seemed somewhat strange, since almost every other nation was represented… Continue reading

Dr. Preston James Alien Agenda III Stew Webb VETERANS TODAY … ALIEN AGENDA Whistle Blowers

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