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ROGER ON THE BAT PHONE : Heads up … New Karen Hudes Interview

. . Great info, but do we trust Karen ? . 1. Self confessed Kharzarian. 2. 20 years on board of World Bank. 3. Admits to be working to ‘keeping on tract’ works… Continue reading

KAREN HUDES : Update on the release of gold from the Global Debt Facility

. . Update on the release of gold from the Global Debt Facility to replace fractional reserve fiat currencies . . .

KAREN HUDES : Gold from the Global Debt Facility to Replace Paper Currency 7.8.14

. . In the newly released video report below, we hear directly from Karen Hudes, who is now being featured in Newsweek Espanol and who shares with us news that gold from the… Continue reading

Karen Hudes Exposed by ALFRED WEBRE

. I was expecting this. As I said in a previous post (referenced by Alfred, below), she was sharing disinfo that was so far off the mark that she didn’t come across to… Continue reading

Brien Foerster – Hour 1 – Paracas Elongated Skull DNA Analysis

. . . Karen Hudes: An Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth is Manipulating Humanity From the Vatican . . .


  Karen Hudes Rebuttal: Homo Capensis Proof Provided       The rebuttal is to a story that has been posted, titled “GOING CRAZY? Former World Bank Sr. Counsel Says That There is… Continue reading

Karen Hudes announces existence of a second species on Earth – Is this Courtney Brown’s Announcement?

With four days to go until Courtney Brown’s Announcement, I am expecting to see mentions online of specific bits and pieces of information which may connect up to the actual Announcement and possibly… Continue reading

Catholic Jesuit Scum & Queen Lizard Served Summons For Ritual Child Abuse and Death’s (10th Mar 2014)

. Formally charged with Crimes against Humanity, inciting Treason and abetting child trafficking, Pope Francis and the heads of the Jesuits and the Anglican Church have been issued a Public Summons. It compels… Continue reading