The evolution, is the whole planet and all life forms as far as I’m aware of. Pets go up, as do all trees, plants, etc. Only the non-beneficials and deadly are cast off, such as parasites, flees, roaches (Elizardbutt can keep them since ‘lilith’ created them) We’ve speculated on the pregnancies, but haven’t really asked. Since ‘all good is Law’d up’ that would include the babies, whether born or not. I’m not sure about the birth process, although I did hear about Eve when she gave birth and it was about the same process. The renewal does set a restoral point on the age of the individual, but that is an individual process. Some presumably will be left as ‘older’ but the thing is, as an incorruptible body, ‘old’ isn’t the same as it is here. You are still ‘youthful’ and more importantly, you’re healthy. We did ask about families, and the division is those who are ‘evil’ separated from those who are ‘good’. All we could get back, is that he understands how important our families are to us. So will have to simply trust on that subject. He did say that each will be with those whom they love and whom love them.

Yes, they did wipe the debt being claimed on many, by SET. Every time the Enemy forces breached the law, such as the Vatican running the Coven war games and bank frauds, “Lilith” Elizardbutt’s UN agenda 21, the Gates and Ebola, etc.The enemy had to make a forfeiture. Until They went ‘bust’.

She made Bill Clinton ‘groom of the stool’. Lizards have a hard time wiping their butts under that tail. Dont’cha feel sorry for ‘it’?

When mercury and venus were attacked, way back in march, that pincher object was attached to venus…and was still showing up in those last images. I think, that perhaps that is the piece that was attached to mercury at that time, still showing up on these last images. Just like Venus’s did.

I know of a few die hards, (smoking) that quit this last few weeks..spontaneously just stopped. I think that they are telling people who are going above, to stop for now. Leap is close.

From what I’ve been told, it is the Law that when the zero point is reached, the skits and other operations cease. They have to, because it is a server and there are no more numbers available return. This the point that the Enemy Forces have reach. Although Obama and the other minions attempt false flags, wars, ebola, etc. They have little ability to carry through. I would say Ed’s freak out caused the E.F. ‘scenario’s’ to stop, not to run. It did cause some of the elite’s to run to their bunkers though, but that was already setup.

I’m not so sure that the Ebola is a ‘B.S.’, despite the crisis actors. They have found the patents for the strains, transferring it from animal to human. They have also linked the Gates foundation and WHO to the lab’s cooking it up and distributing it.

The Division of the Families is supposed to happen at the end of each cycle. It was Lilith Elizabeth, that locked us in. We’ve been trapped for 4 cycles. We are at the Eye, and the division is about to occur now.

Looks like the Vatican Rome was informed, today was their last Mass.
SCOB state banks might have a bank holiday on Columbus Day, Monday. In the past this is said to occur, right before (hours) we leap. No one should fear they will be left out in the cold, so to speak. It ensures the Underworld doesn’t have a money system move forward, which is the slave system of Ur. That is an “IF” it happens tomorrow.

I was still looking for confirmation on the bank holiday. Other than that one small blurb, I cant find any. But its a good thing to always watch what they’re doing. BTW, they did bomb SET. Thought that fitting.

There is no such thing as ‘reincarnation’. What they had been doing was cloning us, then reinserting us into the skits they created in this construct. That is the sad truth of it. They need ‘beef’. Reptiles prefer live prey.
When you leave your body, you (the soul) will see your double. This is your spirit. The spirit then merges you with ‘herself’ and this is when the veil is lifted. Only those who continue to the New Earth (Eden) or to the other worlds/branches of the 8 above, go back under the veil. Some make other choices. This is dependent on their plan for your growth as a soul.

Wait till you see the cool techy ships. I bet they make ‘motor bikes’ (styles of small vehicles) for space too. Planet hoppers. lol. Should be interesting, huh?

There isn’t any help coming for ”them” though. They had their own “VAH” and we heard it lost the T, and then it lost the flag sign…It wont make it out. Their ships are down. Broken.

The Law is, “All Good Goes Up”. The only people that were not going, were those who have aided and abetted the crime syndicates in their murders of the populations by faked wars, their bank frauds, their pedophilia, etc. If you are not evil, and you didn’t aid the the other side to such a point that the weight of debt was too great, then you go above. Initially, those who needed to repay that debt, were sent below. Once the debt is paid, they also go up. War is fluid, things have changed. I’m not sure there are that many that didn’t make it, if they were ‘good’ souls. “Sin” is a term created by SET’s religions. Repentance, though, is real. To repent is to regret and recognize a mistake you made, and to ask forgiveness for that mistake. If you’re sincere, then you don’t repeat that mistake, simply because you learned the harm it does and don’t wish to repeat that. Its always good, to repent a mistake. Lots of ships to ride on above. We have advanced technology.