COBRA : Ordo Bucintoro (The ”DIVINES” DIRTY LITTLE SECRET behind the Priests of Amon Ra)



The Pharaoh Lineage

“The Priests of Amon Ra

and the connection to Switzerland


COBRA’S latest post … thought I’d comment (in green)

There is a certain positive secret society that had a dramatic impact on destiny of this planet as it has created an energy current that is directly responsible for the exploration of space which will inevitably result in the First Contact. (Yeah humans are so backward … nuclear bombs created unnatural wormholes and deviant agreements made without humanitys consent … abductions)

It was founded in 1510 in Venice by a Venetian doge named Leonardo Loredan, a member of the one of the most important White Nobility families of Venice. At that time he was one of the most spiritually developed people in the West and is now an Ascended being, not to be confused with Paolo Veronese, which is known as the Venetian Master. (WHITE LODGE of SANAT KUMARA … SANAT -SATAN … the scapegoat … Hebrew term … Azazel)

The secret society was then called Causa Nostra (our cause) and is now known as Ordo Bucintoro. (Outlawed in Germany, Vril has recently re-emerged as CAUSA NOSTRA VRIL operating out of Milan and Venice, Italy. “Causa Nostra” means “Our Cause”) Hitler and his THULE cronies were trying to get off planet using vril too … wonder why ???

The name Bucintoro originates in an old Venetian legend: once there was a magnificent golden ship, which drove a famous Doge into the sky. We could now easily describe that ship as an Ascension mothership and the process as beamup or teleportation. Bucintoro was officially the name of the state barge of Venice and secretly the codename of a mothership of the Galactic Confederation. (Non interference with the indigenous planetary delicate evolving species then I hope)



In 1512, headquarters were established on Murano and from there Ordo Bucintoro created an extensive network throughout Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (TEMPLAR KNIGHTS – work for the Nazi – swiss neutralality – but is the CUBE hub for NAZI SWISS OCTAGON)

In 1516 Julietta Montefeltro, an initiate of the Order of the Star, (strongly oriented to aristocratic values)

joined Ordo Bucintoro. She was a priestess of Goddess Venus. Venus is a patron Goddess of Venice, Venice being one of the main planetary vortexes of that Goddess. (WHAT MAKES VENUS A GODDESS?)

As an initiate of the Order of the Star, Julietta knew the secret of immortality and Ascension and has communicated that to Ordo Bucintoro through an occult doctrine called Spiritus Eros, which includes the sacrament of the bridal chamber and other Goddess mysteries. (you mean practicing ritual sex … numerous women were seduced into joining this cult.)

The purpose of Ordo Buncintoro was to prepare mankind for a New Era, which was then expected to arrive around the year 2000. It was envisioning human sovereignty free from the influence of the Church, humans determining their own destiny and being respected according to their merits and not their bloodline. A new financial system was planned which would ban interest and prevent misuse and hoarding of wealth.

Members of Ordo Bucintoro were carefully planning their incarnations in the 500 year time frame until the year 2000 to prepare the planet for the arrival of the New Age. (THANKS FOR TELLING US 500 YEARS LATER)

They were in possession of Garil, the white stone of the Holy Grail. (German poet Wolfram von Eschenbach wrote that for his Parzival (1210) unlike King Arthur’s holy grail … a cup)

Saint Germain, Cagliostro and Casanova were all initiated in Ordo Bucintoro in Venice. Casanova became there a priest of Venus. Cagliostro became a priest of Isis and created Misraim, a masonic system that attempted to renew the mysteries of Isis after almost 2000 years of dormancy. Unfortunately, most Misraim masonic lodges were infiltrated by the Jesuits almost immediately and misused by Italian Black Nobility for their purposes.

Mozart was another priest of Isis

*The “sisters of Isis” hate, kill, brainwash, practice the most satanic kind of sorcery. They practice inversive, evil magic purely to satisfy their physical wants.

*They go by a false god system of “honor”, not Nature’s “law”.

(THESE PHARAONIC PRIESTS GET AROUND THEN … The Priests of Amon Ra and the connection to Switzerland . For the collective … Why does the “Swiss” Guard guard the Vatican? LINK

who communicated Isis mysteries through his music and was initiated into the mysteries through a certain Templar society with strong connections with Ordo Bucintoro in Untersberg near Salzburg.

After the fall of the Venetian republic the outer form of Ordo Bucintoro was dissolved and a certain positive Misraim lodge in Venice took its place.

The occult presence of Ordo Bucintoro had a great influence on the planetary events and was inspiring people behind the scenes to reach for the stars and develop a space program. (NAZI PAPERCLIP … NASA, CERN, MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX)

Unfortunately that program was manipulated by the Archons and the Chimera group through the Vril and Thule societies. (THESE ”DIVINES” WEREN’T VERY SECRET THEN)

Otto Skorzeny, a member of the Thule society, tried to re-create Ordo Bucintoro and misuse it for negative purposes together with a Black Nobility member Junio Valerio Borghese, and renamed it Order Palazzo Stern. His attempts were not successful.

There are certain groups that claim to be descendants of Ordo Bucintoro. Their claims may or may not be valid. (JUST A VICIOUS RUMOUR THEN)