Starving The War Machine … No More Wars



Starving The War Machine




Most people that organize and participate in demonstrations/protests do not have a fixed goal or a milestone to carry out. They are simply protesting the situation/condition, in other words they are treating the symptom but not going after the cause. How do we expect our great leaders to change something if we don’t provide to them our demands? How can we expect them to react if we haven’t been clear on what we are demanding? What are the consequences if we are not listened to? Protesting all day long, day in and day out rarely accomplishes fixing the cause of the anger. Although protests have been useful in the past when our government paid more attention to us, in the last few years, they all but ignore anyone protesting for whatever the cause may be.

We are demanding Peace, and the consequence is not feeding the war machine by not spending money except for things that are necessary. It’s a small sacrifice to ask for Peace and one that can be easily done without causing too much turmoil in our lives.

Our mission is PEACE, and we demand that our governments and banks put a stop to the wars. Peace is the goal, wars are the symptoms that need to be eradicated. This project will start with hitting them where it hurts the most and that is money. If we can get 10% of the population to close their bank accounts at banks or minimize their transactions in their banks, that receive government bailouts, banks that fund the endless war machine and support Israel, then we have accomplished our goals. We shall continue to boycott and to minimize our transactions with banks until such time there is PEACE.

By boycotting the large retail mega slave labor stores, we are showing them that we can as Unity Consciousness work together and create change.

In a more detailed description on how we want wars to end, Alfred Webre says it very well: “Criminalization of the war industry – A criminalization of and global ban on war and armed conflict as a dispute resolution method. A permanent ban on the design, production, or sale of weapons systems, including nuclear weapons, space-based weapons, and conventional weapons. A permanent ban on the maintenance of offensive armed forces. Imposition of heavy criminal penalties for violation and astronomical fines, for individuals, organizations, and nations.

I am using his quote/material for this post because he does a better job of writing legal text, I’m not an attorney, I’m just a healer!

What do we want? What are the consequences? Let’s call it what it is: Starving The War Machine. We will not spend any money on any thing until we get what we want, PEACE.

We will hit the banks where it hurts the most, we create more awareness through this movement, we will gain attention of the media during the duration of the EVENT, we will create momentum and others will start paying attention, just like the protests all around the world are happening right now for Gaza.

WE DEMAND PEACE by demanding from our governments to remove all military war machines from the war zones, to allow each country to deal with it’s own problems, as it should.

We will close bank accounts, minimize our use of bank transactions and try not to spend money on things we can do without. Until such time that PEACE is achieved, until such time when our governments can announce PEACE, we will continue to hit them where it hurts the most and stop funding THE WAR MACHINE.