Danny Wilten Hubble’s Orion Nebula vs Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam
Danny Wilten has written a book called Orion In The Vatican
showing his discoveries over the last two years analyzing pictures of
the Orion Nebula and comparing them to great paintings. One that stands
out for me is Michelangelo’s Creation Of Adam. This is a great example
of  Fourth Dimensional Art with a time difference of nearly 500 years.
In 2006, NASA released a photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of the Orion Nebula showing great detail never seen before. But Wilten questions the claim
that this is our first look at the nebula and superimposes great art
works produced well before the images from Hubble. Along with the ebook ,
Wilten has made many videos showing how art corelates to images of the Orion Nebula.

Adapted for anaglyph by Rev A Slade



The Church Of The Fourth Dimension


The theory goes on to suggest that the Vatican has long had knowledge of our origins and God’s connection to Orion and that the artists have left these clues for us.


Danny Wilten brings 15 years of systems analysis into the world of
holy science and hermetic philosophy through his analysis of symbolism,
paintings, and sculptures from a variety of religions and cultures
dating back to ancient Egypt.

The focus of Danny’s work is in his discovery of the Orion Nebula
depicted in high altars and murals in cathedrals across Europe. These
include The Church of the Gesu – 1580 “Triumph of the Name of Jesus”, by
Giovanni Battista Gaulli, the Cathedra Petri designed by Gian Lorenzo
Bernini in 1666, and the high altar of Saint Charles Church – 1713, in
Vienna Austria.

Danny has an eye for what is typically unseen by most that stems from
what is on earth to what is in the heavens and has uncovered secrets
that have been hidden for hundreds of years, many times in plain view.
Combining his understanding of hermetic philosophy, symbolism, and
occult knowledge, he unlocks wisdom and bridges the gap between the
physical world and the mental universe we were meant to understand to
further our enlightenment.

Danny currently has a radio show each week on Revolution Radio called Sirius Rising with co-host Dee Smith
where he discusses a variety of topics including the Orion Nebula, the
I-Ching & Time, and Hermetic wisdom. Additionally he has many videos
of the same including deep analysis into his discoveries.

“Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you.” – Gospel of Thomas