There is nothing inherently wrong with a hexagram or pentagram, the fact is that these sigils have been hijacked and used for nefarious mind control. This is a hypothoses based on a number of ‘coincidences’ that cannot be ignored.

Photo: Cassinni 1999 photo of the Hexagram (a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional cube) on the North Pole of Saturn. Naturally the Hexagram was ‘discovered’ in 1999 which has 666 inverted.

Photo: The All Seeing Eye on the South Pole of Saturn.

The Kaballah reduces God to numbers…because their God IS a computer! Kaballah teaches that math is the language of God! The language of computers is math.


The flag of ISIS RA EL (Israel) has the Mark Of The Beast – 666. Isis is the female aspect of Saturn while Ra and El are Egyptian and Phoenician names for Saturn. The Unholy Trinity? Is the hexagram is the doorway to Hell
(H EL l), the ‘Heaven’ of the Satanists.


Saturn (God YAHWEH) is a giant supercomputer that controls time. Man is “born in sin” because sin is a sine wave which represents time. Because we are in time we will grow old and die and then the cycle repeats itself. 7 is the number of completion and eight is the octave, represented as the infinity symbol, where the cycle of time starts over, repeating in finite ly, not forever but in finite time.The God of the Universe is eternal. Man is cut off from God, bound in this 3D cube called reality that is a superimposed program, or matrix. Time and Space = DEATH.

Saturn is represented as a hexagram and/or a cube. Saturn rules Time, Law and is the Roman God of Harvest (of humans, whose blood and souls are the food source through orchestrated wars).

The Demon Seed who rule the World call themselves the ELite. They rule through their language – you ‘spell’ words, i.e. cast a ‘spell’.

The English language is basically a Masonic (Kabbalistic) code. The ELect, the ELders, ELohim (GODS), use ELectritricty (the ELect) to create their Jew World Order.

If you go against the Current (flow of the EL power) you get ELectrocuted or CHARGED by the POL ICE (much ice). You are now arrested (are rested), not flowing with the CURRENCY (current sea) – MONEY – You are ON ICE, FROZEN, unless you ‘PAY BAAL’ , or ‘PLAY BALL’ , (play with balls – join their faggot club) – the God of Saturn. If you don’t “GET BAAL’ you go to jail, where you j(ail) suspended in time, on ice, getting “three squares a day” (the CUBE).

Their God is Saturn, and TIME IS MONEY. and MONEY IS THE GOD OF THIS WORLD. Money is based on GOLD, one of the colors of Saturn, the others being BLACK and PURPLE, or, VIOLET (violent, ultra violet rays, ultraviolent). Purple represent the Androgynous Fallen ‘Angels’.

BLACK GOLD (oil) fuels the Whole World, everything is made from it.

 Purple represents ANDROGENY. One of the goals of the Psychopathic Murdering Pedophiles (ELite) is to create an androgynous being. The future surviving ‘humans’ after the coming purge will be Androgynous Transhumanoid Drones.Red is Time, Blue is Space. When you mix the two you get Purple, the color of androgyny.

The World is being totally destroyed systematically, by design. There’s still knuckleheads screaming about ‘Global Warming’ (hoax) while military tanker planes are spraying our skies with aluminum and nanofibres (Chemtrails). They are turning the entire atmosphere of the World into a giant antennae. This will work in conjunction with CERN and the over 50 HAARP facilities around the World which beam frequencies into the upper atmosphere. This technology is patented to transmit thought waves, voices, create huge holograms, control the weather, cause hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes. HAARP has been implicated in many “natural disasters”.The Saturn controllers believe in “Order out of Chaos” written on the Talisman dollar bill – the Phoenix that rises out of the ashes of its own immolation. Their Messiah is a political figure who kills all non zionists. This is why it is the zionists behind virtually every evil in the world. Jesus called them “Liars and Murderers from the beginning”.


Saturn in Corporate (corpse) logos (knowledge)

Cabal run Monsanto are stockpiling DNA and seeds and will work with the other members to destroy all life on the surface of the planet and recreate it with their technology. This is written in the Old Testament (the Old Test). Think HP Gulf Disaster and Fukishima, which is destroying all life in the whole Pacific Ocean! Next will be a ‘disaster’ at CERN which will “open the Gates of Hell”, in other words the demons that the ELite love so much and summon in their sick rituals will be “broken outta jail”, the cube that God bound them in that sits under the Antarctic.
Cern will open the pit.
Hell Freezes Over no more.