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STUFF : THE QUEEN’S ARREST IS IMMINENT : Royal Family granted new right of ”Absolute secrecy”

. . LIZ ”LILITH” COVENANT . .  The Queen’s face etched with fear,  following paedophile arrest warrant,  ordered by former  Royal Military Policeman, Matt Taylor. . The Queen has granted herself (and her… Continue reading

Mass genocide of Mohawk children by UK Queen and Vatican uncovered in Canada : Child Murder Trial Launched

The public is GOING to learn of this inconvenient truth whether they like it or not.  The peds, the feds—they’re ALL going down.  You may also wish to view  the RainbowWarrior blog. It… Continue reading

Sherrifs’ Attempt to Arrest the Queen of England Blocked in Rome April 3rd

. WANTED: Elizabeth “Windsor”: Imposter & Wanted Felon . Nice mug shot, eh? So, the Lizard Queen is on the run… kind of an admission of guilt, is it not? Ignore them and… Continue reading

The Queen’s inititiation into The Druids

. .   QUEEN ELIZABETH (then a young princess) being initiated into the Bards of the Ancient Order of Druids, 1946. . .

Citizen Arrest Warrants Issued today to Detain former Pope, Queen of England and other church-state officers – Property and Assets to be Seized

. . READ MORE, VIDEOS and INTERVIEWS  : THE VATICAN at SIGN OF THE TIMES . . Brussels: Thirty officials of church and state who were convicted last week of committing and concealing… Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS … CRIME OF CHURCH AND STATE … charges against Pope Benedict Queen Elizabeth and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Convening of The International Common Law Court of Justice October 15, 2012 . . INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL INTO CRIMES OF CHURCH AND STATE  . CLICK HERE FOR OFFICIAL WEBSITE . Hello. My name is… Continue reading

More satanic Child abuse and genocide by Vatican and Crown Templar Queenie

. MASS ARRESTS . . I bet you have not got the guts to read this http://unitednationsoffilm.com/?p=2432 So this is for file purposes for many links and good books film clips quotes and… Continue reading