Looks like ‘the Mirror ‘ one of UKs daily papers has broke ranks with MSM, this is the second revealing story of Child abuse in the GOVERMENT in two days ( check yesterday’s stories). it may be worth keeping an eye on.



‘Drugged and assaulted’:

Former schoolboy alleges abuse by serving UK minister


A former schoolboy claims he was drugged and assaulted by a serving UK Coalition minister when he was a mere 14 years old. The man alleges police were reluctant to investigate the matter because of the politician’s position of power in Government.

The man, whose name has not been published, reportedly told police officials the politician had given him a small pill wrapped in paper, which left him nauseous. He says he later woke up in a bed unclothed.

The man told The Mirror he remembered nothing of the alleged sexual assault, but awoke with a concrete “feeling” he had been abused.

“I went to bed and felt bloody awful. I don’t remember anything after that. The police asked me if I was of the opinion that he abused me while in that condition and I said yes,” the former schoolboy said.

The man, referred to as “Thomas” by The Mirror, says he has suffered frequent nightmares, depression, and has made an attempt to end his life because of the alleged assault. He first reported the incident roughly twelve months ago to police investigating child abuse carried out at a school in the 1980s.

Thomas claims he was told by police there are no plans to question the minister at the center of his allegations. The Midlands-based man said he was informed by the officer leading the investigation the inquiry was dropped because Thomas is unable to remember the alleged assault.

Asked by The Mirror on whether he had attended the school at the center of the child abuse allegations, the accused minister said: “Not only have I never been investigated, but there has been no allegation made and nor are there any grounds for any allegation.”

Thomas approached Labour MP Tom Watson about the alleged incident, who has been vocal in Parliament regarding allegations of a historic elite pedophile network operating in Westminster.

Watson has confirmed he will write an official letter to Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders, and request that the accused minister be questioned about his knowledge of the school.

“Allegations of extreme cases of violent and sadistic abuse have been made about this institution and I’m very surprised that the police do not want to interview everyone who was there,” he said.

Police said three people have formally reported abuse they claim took place at the school. But Thomas is the only person to level an accusation against the minister.

Thomas’ allegations will intensify pressure on the Coalition, which has been sharply criticized for its handling of an inquiry into a protracted cover-up of an Establishment pedophile ring that has eroded confidence in Westminster and blacked the legacy of former British administrations.

Lord Tebbit said earlier this year that a political cover-up may have been orchestrated to protect establishment figures in the 1980s.

“At that time I think most people would have thought that the establishment … was to be protected and if a few things had gone wrong here and there that it was more important to protect the system than to delve too far into it,” he told the BBC.

Fiona Woolf last week became the second chairwoman to stand down from the beleaguered inquiry following reports of her social connection to former Conservative Home Secretary Leon Brittan, a central figure in the investigation.


Children in Scotland have been filmed
being murdered by paedophiles
in so-called ‘snuff movies’


CHILDREN in Scotland have been filmed being murdered by paedophiles in so-called ‘snuff movies’.

Two leading charities say they have spoken to victims of ritual abuse including rape and murder stretching back decades.

Kate Short, founder of Kilmarnock-based childhood abuse charity, Break the Silence, said: “In the worst cases (people) have been forced to watch the making of snuff movies. It’s the extreme, barbaric type of terror that can lead to serious personal disorder.”

Kate also said, often brothers and sisters are made to have sex with each other, and that animals are also involved.

She added: “This is something that has been going on forever and I can’t see it ever stopping.”

The claims were reported by the Scottish Sunday Express.

Scotland is the only part of the UK which doesn’t currently have an investigation into historic child sexual abuse.

Another leading charity, Dundee-based Izzy’s Promise, also backed the claims.

Project co-ordinator Joseph Lumbasi said: “Eighty per cent of people who contact us are brought up right here in Scotland. Children are born that are never registered. There is pornography, sick films. Horrific things are happening and nobody is getting caught.”

Scottish Labour’s justice spokesman Graeme Pearson MSP, said: “The Scottish government continues to duck and weave on the issue, refusing demands to hold a public enquiry to enable us all to know what is the situation here in Scotland, and how we can protect vulnerable young people.”

Police Scotland said it took all allegations of abuse “incredibly seriously”, while Education Secretary Michael Russell MSP is due to make a statement to the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday.

Tonight the BBC will screen a special documentary which shows shocking hotel footage that captures the moment a girl aged 13 is lured into room to be raped by paedophile.