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THE GREAT WORK : ”MKULTRA VIRUS” – Secrets of the Georgia Guidestones

. . FROM THE CROSS TO THE CUBE . Ultron will Control his Minions with the power of the airwaves. . MK ULTRA . Controlling the Mind – See more at: . LINK… Continue reading

DECLASSIFIED : CIA Mind Control Secrets MK Ultra & Brainwashing

. . Psychetruth News Correspondent interviews psychiatrists Dr. Colin Ross about the CIA mind control experiments called MKUltra. These were a series of projects covertly used on the American public which included hypnosis,… Continue reading

MAX SPIERS – UK WHISTLEBLOWER : Occult practice within the elite and symbolism. CONTROL OF SOURCE CREATOR

. Max Spiers blows the whistle on MKULTRA & Trauma Based MIND CONTROL . THE CONTROL OF SOURCE CREATOR . . To have the courage to speak the truth when the truth is… Continue reading


. . Moloch, Baphomet, Madonna What’s a child-sacrifice god demon doing in contemporary America? Who are the children being “burnt” alive? Who are the heartless parents offering their children as propitiatory (appeasing; to gain… Continue reading

Multiple Personality ”Aliens” and Mind Control : Jean Eisenhower (FULL SPECTRUM WARFARE INTRODUCTION)

. . FULL SPECTRUM WARFARE . Introduction to a series, including videos on her MPD, American context of Mind Control, her Mind Control, “Aliens,” and spirituality. . . I WAS ONE . .

MICHAEL JACKSON: His MKUltra Alters and Demons

. . On February 19, 2003, I wrote an article regarding Michael Jackson’s severe facial remoulding explaining that one of the MK Ultra alter personalities in him was a demon, more than likely… Continue reading

COBRA : It’s near time

. Every window of opportunity, every portal is a quantum leap bringing us closer to the Event horizon. With each portal opened, more energy is generated and at a certain point, enough energy… Continue reading

CIA, MKULTRA and the Origins of the Acid Counter Culture

. . . .