Ines Radman : In depth review on the Alcyon Pleiades videos



Preparing You For A

False Flag Alien Attack

or Saviors From The Chaos

Created in this Current Reality


by Ines Radman



At present, while posting this video there were currently 3570 views. Very small, and I don’t normally watch these videos, but I saw this circulating throughout wordpress. I noticed some comments such as :”Yeahhhh, they are finally coming” and “wow, finally it’s happening”, these were blogs that I follow so my first thought was to click on it and see what the excitement was all about. I have to say that I was saddened to see that some of my favorite blogs were promoting this video as a positive thing.

We have free will and choice on this planet. We are not to be interfered with, Natural Law must be respected, but these entities can convince you to act on their wishes, therefore, they will not force you to do anything, simply shape shift into whatever they wish and convince you they are our saviors.

You can watch the whole thing, or move ahead to 40 minutes. The first part is what we already know, the Cabal and what they are doing to us. This group talks about everything, including their landings, but they don’t mention or talk about what happens to the Cabal. It seems to me that things really don’t change at all. This video simply covers topics of humanity and how we have fallen, how they will help us, it makes no mention about the bad guys and what happens to them, so I know they are setting us up.

What they are really saying is that we need to clear ourselves from negative energies so that they can access our minds better, or so that we can “ascend” into their dominion no doubt.

This message sounds like it’s coming from one of Kathryn E. Mays friends: “Be good and eat your spinach and you will raise your vibration children”. Actually this is the same group that Kathryn Channels, the same group that Michael Ellegion talks about, he calls him Lord Ashtar, here they present themselves as the Light Brigade.

The rest of the transcript you must read yourselves. There is no need to explain it, it’s scary and you need to pass this video around to people and let them know that this is part of the preparation of an ET false flag event.

Once they have access to our minds, they in effect will not only know everything, they can download any program they want into us.

This is why they carry out this cleaning and removal, in other words, a very necessary memory wipe. It is urgent to say that we are in the most delicate moment of our existence and due to this we insist upon the need to become serious, mature, responsible and non-speculative since the de-coding geneticists have everything very well studied through a very detailed oneiric preparation from their stellar ships.

Once you succumb to a memory wipe, you belong to them, there is going back, they have total control of your being.