Open Letter to the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon Family: Stopping US Ebola and US Ebola Coups in Their Tracks






Dear BRICS Alliance & Dragon Family – This is an Open Letter to you to use your considerable resources in a profound humanitarian mission that will also result in the deconstruction of a global war crimes racketeering organization that we can call the “Cabal”.
Vitamin C, Ebola & the Cabal
To stop the Cabal is surprisingly simple. The BRICS Alliance and the Dragon Family need only announce they are sending large humanitarian shipments of vitamin C to any country facing Ebola outbreaks because Vitamin C will stop Ebola. And with vitamin C, people can dose themselves.
The Cabal is in its Las Throes
Right now the world is watching the Cabal in its last throes of greed and power, manically trying to start WWIII with Russia, hungrily trying to get its hands on the collateral accounts that belong to Asia, dramatically trying to use US and Israeli-made ISIS as a means for taking over the Middle East.
Ebola is its sleeper to hold onto Power

But the sleeper in all their plans to hold onto power is Ebola. The US made it and the entire thing is scripted. See:

Using long-arranged plans including guillotines and a wild and false WHO numbers, the Cabal, using UN troops and US troops to “help out,” has walked into three countries in West Africa that have oil and minerals the US wants, and taken over, putting millions under lockdown in the phony name of Ebola quarantines. All the usual suspects are involved – Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschilds, Kissinger, Gates, etc. -all of them infamous for destabilizing sovereign countries and for deaths. And the Africans there? The Cabal is delighted to inject with weaponized Ebola vaccines – either to run a massive test of how their creation of a super deadly virus is coming along or simply to kill manually.

Ebola = EbolaGate, a False Flag Operation

And Ebola itself? It is a giant bubble, like housing bubbles and economic bubbles, full of hot air.

And they get there by side-stepping science and creating tests that do what they want..

For those who understand that the Cabal is financially in serious trouble, they might notice that a terrifying pandemic (“whether real or promulgated,” in Kissinger’s words) offers a means to squeeze billions out of frightened governments or secure yet more debt. The Cabal has an almost infinite resource so long as there is fear of a deadly disease, and the Cabal have the (alleged) treatment.A global “pandemic” also offers those large scale Wall Street bettors, ebola vaccines or drugs – new products that insiders will know in advance the WHO or CDC will mention and their stocks will shoot up. And who are those insiders? The heart of the Cabal. They also happen to be heavily invested in vaccines themselves – Goldman Sachs, the Rockefellers, Soros, Gates, etc. . They had the UN run vaccine campaigns with ebola-laced vaccines to set off outbreaks, and from there, the financial ride was on. only need to keep the world scared the world to death via their controlled media which is easy to do. They have their servants in the CDC and WHO make any doom-filled announcements they want. One day it is, “Everyone will die.” And then a glorious announcement the next day, “This vaccine can save millions.”
The Cabal is on their way out but why not cut their Ebola racket off at the knees before they can make more billions and give themselves yet more time, and before they take over more countries and kill millions? Why let them think they are just so clever to have pulled this off? And why let them have fun as they depart?
What BRICS and the Dragon Families can do right now: Send Vitamin C

To stop them is surprisingly simple. The BRICS Alliance and the Dragon Family need only announce they are sending large humanitarian shipments of vitamin C to any country facing Ebola outbreaks because Vitamin C will stop Ebola. And with vitamin C, people can dose themselves.

It was, in fact, the pharmaceutical industry itself (half owned by the Rockefellers) that funded Hitler, ran the camps, experimented withe vaccines, and mass murdered so many millions and that they make up the WHO today.

They depend on disease which has now, with Ebola, become a full-scale biowar.
Vitamin C is a Viricide: an end to DiseaseVitamin C is an end to disease and that means it is an end to a primary funding source and a secret weapon of the Cabal. Vitamin C can stop, reverse or cure all degenerative diseases and all infections, is a total viricide, can neutralize all toxins and radiation poisoning. And how it can do so much is surprising easy understand, just as truly great theories tend to be.
The video above belongs in this article, explaining that the world now has a unified field theory of all disease.
Here is a power point presentation of scientific articles giving an idea of how effective it is in stopping diseases. that good health and at such low cost give the Cabal such a headache, they could die from it.
It is a very relevant question. Vitamin C can cure Ebola, So Why Are The WHO and CDC Creating A Crisis? But the answer is obvious. Money. Control. Deaths. That’s the Cabal’s way of life.
BRICS Alliance, Dragon Family bring down the Cabal
The BRICS Alliance and the Dragon Family know what is at stake in bringing down the Cabal and it is easy to see that Ebola is now the Cabal’s new toy for taking over countries, and it is already way more effective and far cheaper than ISIS, also their toy. With Ebola, they need only infect people with anything, and have the WHO and CDC start “telling” people it is ebola and it is spreading like wildfire and now – what shall we do? – it is out of control. The US and UN merely move in with troops and the duped public believes they are helping.
To stop the Cabal and expose the deadly farce of the US or UN being humanitarian as they take over other countries, the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon Family could simply offer what is truly humanitarian – a gentle cure that is easily shared by the poor.
Vitamin C = The End of the CabalStocks on Wall Street for vaccines will fall, the disease piggy-bank of the Cabal will no longer burst with endless billions. The unnaturally extended departure of the Cabal offered by martial law and mass murder, will be cut short.
The BRICS Alliance and the Dragon family would not only be taking a major Cabal piggy-bank away but their immense power over people’s bodies and lives and over countries. The Cabal would lose it covert ability to kill at will with “medicine.”
Donating Vitamin C now helps the Cabal depart!
BRICS and the Dragaon family would be taking them down in their last desperate effort to take world control and you would be showing humanity the time is truly near to begin offering global humanitarian projects. Donating vitamin C doesn’t depend on the Cabal being gone, though. This humanitarian gift is special because it actually helps them depart.
The BRICS Alliance and the Dragon would be doing something a bit like throwing water on the Wicked Witch of the West (in the Wizard of Oz). The water made her melt away. The wickedness of the West is quite real and vitamin C is gentle as water. But vitamin C is so magically health promoting, it can make even the most wicked Cabal begin to melt away.

And as the Cabal collapses down into a black smelly puddle of centuries of their own malignity, we’ll hear fading screams of “No, not that! Take it away, take it away, take …. !



An Open Letter to the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon Family:
Stopping US Ebola and US Ebola Coups in Their Tracks – EbolaGate