What has happened on Earth, is that all real true history of Man was erased and replaced, during an Invasion. Some of the things I’m am going to tell you, by the replies I have already recieved, are things you may not have heard before, or contradict what you have been taught by schools, books, and history, etc.

That does not mean that the information is incorrect, or not valid, just that you haven’t been exposed to it before. For you to truly understand how our history books were altered, you have to dig into your real knowledge of the Nazi programming, propaganda techniques, for the people who we called Nazi, got their ideas from another older group from which they originated.
As the ‘story’ goes, Infinity became self aware. It wanted to experience itself, and so sought expression of this. Infinity is Energy…and this is the Creator Force. This Force, is as “Star Wars” showed, embeded into everything, there is nothing that does not have this energy it could not exist with out it. This is why alchemist said “there is only ONE thing”…they were taught even then to hide this, after the invasion, it was forbidden.



If you read the “Dweller on Two Planets” you will find that he describes the Creation Flame, which your eyes, now altered cannot see.

The first expression of the Creator Force, was the Male of the Divine Couple. He was the only person in existance and called and refered to himself as One. People still call him “The One” or “One”…the “Law of One”, the “Great Law Giver”…are talking about this person…this is also called your “heavenly father”. This is God…but we never called him that, “God” was an Anannuki invention of their propaganda techniques….soon, the ‘idea’ and ‘concept’ of an all powerful, invisible, being was replaced, and was able to be replaced by their names as “god”…you see? “Ra”, “Isis”….

On Earth, we called him Father. His other name, that again was bastardized, and altered to mislead you …was ADAM…atom..the first thing created.

The next being to come into existance was the female of the Divine couple, was your mother. Eve. They could not make you forget Eve, as easily as they could “One” which is also a number! So when they created the religions, they incorporated it…but again, bastardized the truth to mislead you.

These are called “OVERSOULS” in estoric circles. They are pure energy, concious, and they exist at that point in Infinity where everything has happened, and is just starting…a loop. This is named “Heaven”. This is where YOU were born.

In keeping with the act of Creator, to experience and express the Creator Force it is these two alone who give birth to Spirit, Worlds, and all Life.
Life is a Concious unit of pure energy that is born with a personality, and all that goes with being and individual and is named “Spirit”. You are a Spirit, in a body. When the body dies you return to pure energy and leave it.
YOU were always You and you continue…

Normally you return straight to Heaven. It was this that has been blocked from you for centuries, as you have been held captive on Earth by the Snake Families.

The Divine Couple, in keeping with the Creator wish to express itself, gave birth…literally…to “The Creation”. Over time, each world, every sun, galaxy was created this way and placed into the Creation.

It was like the internet, and we ‘surfed’ it. Truth is stranger than fiction:)

We as Energy beings, wanted to experience the Physical. And this was how it was done.

We look at the files ‘above’ and pick, the life form we want, the kind of family, experiences…all of it. Then we DOWNLOAD a part of our Conciousness into the Form. And this is an Avatar, and why we say the body is the vehicle.

An Oversoul, pure energy, must obey the LAWs of Energy that One created. When too much of an Oversoul is downloaded into the Creation, an imbalance is created that pulls the entire oversoul into the Creation. And this is the term “Fallen”.

So when an incarnate that gets ‘lost’ or cant get back up…a part of the Oversoul…

The Oversoul very often will send another to help the lost get back home. Many reasons for this can occur. And this is the main reason an Oversoul falls.

Unless there is a War in Heaven.

And then some get PUSHED into the Creation, in an effort to lose them deliberately…and this occurred.

The Body, was not the only Form. Trees, every leaf, every flower…water…earth…animal…We could download into anything, and this gives the Creation its solidity. A hologram, that is based on Life Energies to maintain its ‘shape’.

But that isn’t the only existance here, for instance there is a Spirit of Freedom, Fire, Air, Sorrow, all of these are supported in the Creation by Spirits. And a Spirit is YOU, just a differant “form”

The Tree of Life is the genetic tree of all Life that the Divine Couple gave birth to.

On the Tree of Life is the Reptile branch with SET and his mate TIAMATT.



This is the father/mother of the Reptile Branch and reptiles are inclusive of all bird species. On the Reptile branch, there are numerous other branches, and one of those branches is a collective of races called “The Snake Families”.

The Snake Families are inclusive of a branch called the “Bird Tribes”. And these are the angels, and the MOLOCH. The Moloch is who the Bilderberg are dealing with directly. They made a pact to sell us as meat in exchange for power and money, and this is why no one has been able to reign in the PTB.

There are very few, in your current history books and knowledge that are not members of the snake family.

In the Creation, they invaded Earth. Earth was the home world of the Divine Couple.

What they did was split earth into two worlds. The Earth You are on now, is the copy…which they decended BELOW the real physical plane.



If you ever doubted the presence of your SPIRIT,

think about the times you used your intuition.


Your real body is what people are calling the ‘incorruptable body’ and that is the Avatar you downloaded into. You are a Spirit.
When they separated the two Earths, they created the hu-man avatar by splicing the species Galactic Man, with other dna. And this gave you the Reptile Brain, within the Avatar. The more a person gets hardwired to the reptile brain, the more sociopathic they become. The Spirit, trapped, cannot stop this…and the human being doesn’t understand that the mind is blended, and thinks these thought are their own. The more hardwired, the more the Reptile has control of the vehicle. The person, not knowing, accepts the blame and indeed over time may come to relish the harm they do…such as the killer we see.

The Creation was set up to have an ‘exit’… and this is what the Grand alignment is. An unstoppable opening of the exit doors to the game ‘the Creation’.

The Snake Families set up cataclysms, and a host of other sabotages, so that the 76000 year cycle was interupted. For more than 3 jumps, few made it home.

This is the “Crossing” of Nibiru, the impacts and other planetary destructions were caused deliberately to stop people from leaving. This created Fear, and Fear and Anger was the energy that counteracted the Natural Jump built into the system/game. Its a “low” vibration offsetting a “high” vibration.

The destruction of our very advanced, Man, civilization is noticed on Mars and the astroid belt. This was US, not the Invading Nibiru and others, who created these Monolithic structures. We were never isolated until after the war. We had contact with other worlds routinely. You see we did not need the crutch of technology. We were able to teleport and fly, and a host of other things. We were not as DENSE…one of the changes made to us here, was that the vibrational speed of the atom was slowed to the solid state of a Rock …in comparison to what the real physical plane is like. We are Co-creators, and have the ablility to manifest.

People who use space ships, are not as advanced.

One of the effects of lowering the frequency is that it lowers thoughts to a more primitive state, and therefore actions and civilizations are lowered to more primitive states. An altered state of consciousness in the very real sense.

They lowered the planet and our brains to 7.8 and kept them there for centuries.

The invaders are represented on every single continent.

Ra will pay one of the Highest penalties. Then there is Lilith who is Inanna of Nibiru, and Satan who is Enki of Nibiru. The Nordics, the ‘GFL’, the Ashtar Command, the Zeta’s, the Horned god of Wicca, the Great Architech of the Freemasons, the Melchezdek order, the Illuminati, the Bilderberg/cult of Moloch…all the Egyptian, and yes the Greek Zeus and them too, and the Nordics ‘gods’ and heros were theirs not yours.There are so many names they have used, and all to create confusion for each next generation…..They created the Religions. ALL of them.

We do not ‘worship’ our father. We talk to him, he can hear you…but we never ‘prayed’ or ‘bowed’ or thought ourselves unworthy.


Chateau Le Rennes and the Pyramids


The Freemasons were a cult started by the Snake Family members the Ba’el. They were a species of bull and in service to Lilith which is why the first images of the cult of “Moloch” were of a Bull/Man being handed children for sacrafice. They would give the children to the moloch to eat. Later when they went under ground they built statues and burned the children alive. The Moloch have a pathological hatred for Man, and if you watch on youtube the “Lost Tapes: episode Owlman” you will see some of that, they are telepaths.



The freemasons were taught to build in the same manner of the pyramids. The pyramids are constructed to harness the energy of the Force. The Freemasons’ a cult of Lilith were taught to build the same system as a “CHURCH”. And the Force they were harnessing is the life force of the humans inside. The energy would rise to the top of the cathedral and chapels, and they would sit outside, phased out of site(gargoyles mostly) and would feed.



In an energy exchange the people would get ‘peace’ and ‘longevity’. The human emotional body, without the release of the energy during sex, would bottle up the energy and would be like a bottle only they could tap. The Vatican belongs to Enki, who is also called Amon which is why “amen” is everywhere in the bible. By getting you to say “amen” they redirect the energy to themselves. Enkis is also called Yahweh and Satan, and is also in control of the Torah.

That is why the priest when he found and read the transcripts listing Jesus and Mary as Ceasars escaped son Ceasarian and his half sister, who by Snake family incest laws did marry…and that the purpose of the Church was the Hybrid and cult lines agreement to feed the population, lure them and offer them as meat in exchange for position and power…he went ‘mad’. He couldn’t tell anyone, it was ‘hearasy’. So he made sure that he slept with prostitutes, took up satanic cult methods, and rebuilt the church with images in stone of the gargoyles that were feeding on the top of it, and then put Enki’s image, red skin and all, in the church.



Enki has a Snout. Not a human face. Look on my image files *sigh* I wish I could post it for you but I have been unsuccessful! But look at the first images of “Amon” and that is Enki, red and snout and all. The angels were one group of the Bird tribes, and the satans were Enki’s group. Satan later became used among themselves as a title. When you did ‘bad’ enough you were promoted to Satan. The gargoyle was another of those tribes, lower class. They work on a cast system.