TANAATH – RE : UKRAINE (masquerades)



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re ukraine:

“I don’t think you need me to tell you Ukraine is a Cabal operation with multiple objectives, some obvious and some not so obvious. You’ve already figured that out really well. People have already figured out that the snipers were Blackwater/ Academi mercenaries, that the protests were funded by the Cabal (masquerading as the USA), that there’s a pyramid in Crimea, and that Russia has not actually invaded Crimea and the worldwide news is distinctly partisan to whatever the Cabal wants us to believe – which is usually opposite of the actual truth.

Nor do you need me to tell you that the mysterious vanishing plane is not exactly a run-of-the-mill aviation incident. The only thing I can release about that situation at this time is that there was ET action involved and that it was by positives, and no one was killed. That’s what I’ve been told by Admiral Mander. I can’t verify this in the real world for kind of obvious reasons. I don’t have any other details, such as which specific group was involved, how it was done, why it was done, or why they could do that yet we’re still getting bombarded by chemtrails…

Clarification on the situation in Ukraine: I don’t believe Putin is a good guy in this. Putin’s interests are for Russia, not for the world, and he has definitely done his share of dirty deeds. However, the Ukrainian colour revolution was co-opted and funded by the Cabal, directly. What might have started as a movement of the people has become a triumph of Cabal-backed nazis. Yes, nazis. Please remember, if you have a revolution and the Cabal helps you, you didn’t win. The Cabal won.

This is mostly being used as an opportunity for the Cabal to fabricate a premise to start world war III against Russia. At least publicly. Ukraine was chosen for this because it was something Russia can’t ignore and can’t back down from, strategically. The intent is to goad Russia. They weren’t able to get their world war over Iran or Syria because of Russia. So now they will try to get it by making a provocation Russia cannot ignore, and the Cabal media is working overtime to make sure there is nothing that Russia can do to defuse the situation as it did with Syria.

The anti-Russian propaganda machine has been going overtime trying to ‘other’ the Russians. I am not saying the Russians are perfect. They are no more perfect than any other group on this planet. But there is a clear attempt to paint them as categorically evil in the media right now. Don’t believe Cabal propaganda. Even when they give you true information, it’s only enough for the purpose of convincing you to believe a bigger lie.”

– Tanaath*