Lord of the Rings – Lighting of the Beacons (LEYLINES SUCCESS)



Veronica Keen says: We were successful


Gabriel: Veronica I’ll do my best to describe what I can see.

Yesterday I could see that a shaft of light had risen to the sky, but there was a shaft descending also. On the outside of the shaft of light there were two spiraling shafts of light, but flowing counter to each other. The colours were predominantly and powerfully White and Violet, but I know that there were other rays there also.

From closer to the base the energy was expanding outwards in 360 degrees, some what like a ‘doughnut’ shape. Even this ‘doughnut’ had multiple colours and intriguing designs, which I cannot put into words, let alone draw. As this energy passed through me I could feel my body tingling and vibrating to it. It was like the expansiveness of this energy was unlimited. It was like a ‘beacon’ that was anchored there at Skellig, radiating out to All.

Again this morning it was the same. People need to know that their combined intentions ‘to do good’ are working through their meditation and that they are responsible for this happening. Each and every one has a part to play, and they must realise just how powerful they are. No one is of insignificance in this plan.

So, let the Fires be lit, ‘Light the Beacons’, so that from here other Beacons throughout the world may be lit and all linked to each other through the Earth power grid.



Veronica now shares that:

“A key to the puzzle has come forward about Skellig: The Dark are attempting to reestablish on this Ley Line what they did back when the Druids were destroyed, bringing in the Darkness. Our connection has started a counter catalist to this event. The Dark came to Atlantis and did exactly the same.”


“The time when our Galactic Brothers and Sisters choose to live with us on the ‘surface’ of the Planet will coincide with the descent of the Superamental Force (the Cosmic Force of Divine Love) that will establish Divine Unity for good on Planet Earth. In SKELLIG ISLAND, we were told that this will be the beginning of a New Golden Age; 2017.”

(I’m reminded that Alfred Lambremont Webre has stated that by 2017 our consciousness level will have risen enough to make it possible for us to welcome our Cosmic Family to our planet. ~J)


Lord of the Rings – Return of the King

Lighting of the Beacons