TANAATH : Silver Legion Announcements Freeing Yourself from the God Matrix 05/28/14



Silver Legion Announcements
Freeing Yourself from the God Matrix
by Tanaath on 05/28/14

One of my associates, the Silver Legionnaire who has written several kundalini reiki meditations which have been posted to the Facebook, made a very interesting, and important, discovery. There are a number of matrices involved in suppressing this planet (not just one); however, she discovered one in particular that is definitely contributing to the reinforcement of some of the more vicious jailing techniques.

Everyone here has heard of some or another mythological god. All cultures have them, or had them, before various conversions took place to other faiths. I’m talking about gods like the pantheons of the Greeks, Celts, Chinese, etc., all the gods of the world (and there are thousands of names). Additionally, there were legendary figures, like demigods, angels, manitous, saints, etc., all these famous personalities whose legends filtered through our history into our stories and myths and legends. This is, I should think, a basic fact to anyone following my material – these beings are real and many of them have histories on this planet.

Here’s where the fun part begins. Many of these beings incarnated here. Some of these famous names are running around, living human lives – and some of them know who they are. Many don’t discuss it, because no one wants to be made fun of or be accused of being delusional or having a runaway ego because they honestly remember being a god or hero of legend, or have to deal with the unrealistic expectations of others – and it’s pretty damn obvious that being one of those people doesn’t confer any special powers or privileges in this time and place. Others aren’t sure whether to believe their own memories and feelings on the matter. And in an even more confusing-for-Terrans twist, some of these entities have incarnated into multiple separate Terran lives simultaneously – some of whom are aware that there are others, and some of whom are not.

So yes, there are incarnated gods, heroes, angels, saints, demi-gods, etc., people represented to us in myth and legend. Yes, they’re here, no, they don’t get any special powers… and their identities are being used to chain both them and every other human being to this planet. One very tricky thing that has been set up is an identity trap for gods and legendary figures, tied to one of the matrices which keep us bound here. The more attached an individual gets to their own identity, the more that tie tightens around them, and the more it in turn reinforces the matrix it’s attached to. And since so many of these gods and legendary people have multiple names, any one of those identities can be used to bind that entity. Many of these ‘goddess portals’ and other events calling upon the identities of heroes, gods, and legendary people have only served to reinforce these chains by tying those entities even more to this planet.

There is a way to break this. One must consciously reject all ties to one’s identity, break all contracts associated with one’s identity, and make a conscious determination to reject anything attempting to bind or enslave one. This does not mean rejecting the identity itself. But all the things attached to it have to be severed and discarded in order to break these chains.

It’s not necessary for these individuals to out themselves. This severing and breaking of contracts can be done without informing the world of who you are, if you happen to be a famous name.

I’m posting a meditation (Found below) and (it’ll be on the Downloaded Transcripts tab of this website) http://www.silverlegion.org/Download-Transcripts.html , and it will also be available on the Cosmic Voice facebook. This meditation is designed to help individuals free themselves from identity-based chaining. If you feel called to do this meditation, please do it. It’s not mandatory; individuals can devise their own ways to sever these attachments and connections in their own way. However, some people find it easier with something to work with or to help guide them. This meditation was developed by the Silver Legionnaire who has previously developed kundalini reiki meditations, which some people have used and found to be helpful. She was also the one who discovered this matrix of chains based on god and hero identities.

While there is nothing wrong with embracing one’s identity, make sure you do so as a free and sovereign being, and accept no ties based on other people’s expectations, or supposed contracts that were made (many of which were falsified).

Now, a little housekeeping: Comments have been disabled. The ones that have already been posted are saved, but apparently disabling comments also removes from view those which have already been posted. Yes, I did this, and yes, it was deliberate. I’m starting to feel too much like a recess lady in a boisterous school yard on the first nice day after a long snow. Additionally, there’s no way in hell I can answer all the questions flung my way, particularly with the network of assumptions underpinning some of them. Comments will remain disabled for the time being. Unfortunately, there’s enough problematic content that permitting completely unmoderated comments is not an option. This blog was never meant to be a forum and I can’t keep up with you guys.

I may be appearing on Cosmic Voice Radio with Thomas Williams and Drake. This will not be a show to discuss ET issues, or deliver news, etc.; Thomas Williams has asked me to discuss the topic of psychic attack and protection. The date has not been set yet, I’ll post a show date when we have one.

On the Kundalini Reiki meditation Thomas Williams posted to the facebook. Yes I endorse it. This was prepared by a Silver Legion mage who happens to be a Kundalini Reiki Master and a very gifted intuitive. I can personally vouch for this person’s work. This person is one of my most trusted friends, and I know from working with them that they have nothing but Light in their soul – true Light. If you do not feel comfortable doing this exercise, you don’t need to. If it appeals to you at all, I would recommend it. I intend to, myself.

“”Freedom from the Matrix of the Gods””
Today we have a very simple meditation with very deep result… First find calm place, where can get relax and feel good. Mentally or aloud, as you wish, call all the names, that you think have you, as a god/goddess. Feel each of name sound,vibration. If you feel one of the names IS yours and you accept him ,then repeat only this name. Now you are ready for the meditation itself.

So… Sit calm,quiet breathing. Relax, relax totally. Add up the palms in Gasse. Close your eyes. Connect to Kundalini Reiki and say affirmation :
“I ask the Higher Teachers, Higher Beings and all the Higher Powers to allow me to connect to the Reiki Meditation – “”Freedom from the Matrix of the Gods ”” and help us all”
Feel the flow of energy of the Kundalini Reiki. After that, you can put your hands as you are comfortable, or leave in mole position (Gasse).
Feel and imagine, that you are in the stream (beam, channel …)of Pure Kundalini Reiki Energy, that descends on you from space and goes to the center of Terra . Be in this stream of energy… Just be , be aware and watch what is happening. Passing through you this Energy yourself, let it be in you, and yourself to be in it. Feel and “see” ,as Reiki fills you with the brightest Energy, as Light KR fills your entire being. Become this Light, merge with it, dissolve it and then just be. Just watch what is happening. Dissolve so much, that you do not to leave any thoughts, nor emotions, nor feelings, nor sensations …. – nothing, but awareness of your individuality, and boundless energy of Kundalini Reiki…

Now look around you, look at those shadows, twins, reflections of yourself… They have a different color, sound, vibration, shape, but are still connected to you, and to the Matrix of the Gods… They are names that you hold on to in your memory, but they are NOT YOU. It’s all an illusion, it’s not you. You are a free soul, light energy and you do not need them. Let them all go, do not keep them together, break away from them, tear off all ties, you do not need them, you are free and infinite. Sense your freedom, see how they all fall into an infinite number & disappearing. Around you only light energy and unconditional love remains. Stay in this position of freedom. Enjoy it…