Re: Lizard People Information : Reptilian Stories – BILL RYAN DAVID ICKE JORDAN MAXWELL


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Here is an impromptu exchange of stories round the dinner table
in a restaurant with David Icke and Jordan Maxwell. You can hear the
clinking of plates in the background as we talked.

The conversation was quite unplanned, and I happened to have a dictaphone
in my pocket. I quickly turned it on, and (with David and Jordan’s
permission) placed it on the table as they continued swapping anecdotes.…n_May_2010.mp3

Here’s a transcript:

I have only one anecdote to add to this, which was told to me personally by Barbara Lamb
(who counsels ‘experiencers’). I met her by chance in a coffee shop at a
conference we were both attending, and we got talking. She was a
delightful person, very easy to talk to. I asked her if she had ever had any ‘experiences’ worth recounting.

To my amazement, she told me she had had a hands-on encounter with a
reptilian. It had manifested physically and 100% solidly in her bedroom,
and it held her hand, in silence, while the two of them just looked at
one another. She said the entire incident must have lasted just two
minutes (but I bet they were very long minutes).

The being did not speak, but communicated with her telepathically. The
very clear message that she received was that not all reptilians were
hostile, and that this being had been bred (I remember Barbara used that
word) specifically to make contact with certain humans to give them
that particular message. Barbara told me that at no point did she feel
alarmed or intimidated — which in itself would seem to be quite