Catholic Jesuit Scum & Queen Lizard Served Summons For Ritual Child Abuse and Death’s (10th Mar 2014)


Formally charged with Crimes against Humanity, inciting Treason and abetting child trafficking, Pope Francis and the heads of the Jesuits and the Anglican Church have been issued a Public Summons.

It compels them to appear before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels on March 31, 2014, to answer these charges and face prosecution. This broadcast constitutes their legal service and notification. See and . Posted March 4, 2014.



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Mass abuse torture and murder of children :

Anti-Christ Update: Catholic Pope Francis Admits to Thieving from a Corpse (8th March 2014)



exposes the Global Puppet Masters


World Bank Whistelblower Karen Hudes joins Gary Franchi for an exclusive in studio interview and exposes the puppet masters pulling the strings of the criminal global banking syndicate.

David Icke on LibertyTactics –

Paedophile-Rings –

Necrophiliac Jimmy Savile Satanic Rituals and Royal Families

David Icke, has been telling the world that Jimmy Savile is a Paedophile for many years, but only now he has been taken seriously.

A program that was aired on the “Liberty Tactics show” with the guest speaker being “David Icke” Exposes the real truth about Jimmy Savile and others.

‘David is the man the mainstream media like to ridicule and make fun of but the fact is David Icke was right about Jimmy Savile. For many years David Icke has been telling people that Jimmy Savile was a paedophile and a necrophiliac.

He has named other people in high places who are child abusers and child killers who are involved in satanic rituals and sacrifice and yet he has never been sued by them or their families for making these accusations.

How many of the rich and famous did Savile supply children to for their perverted pleasure? If Savile had been exposed while he was alive he would have taken many famous people down with him including those within the British Establishment.’

Appeal from Survivors of Canadian Genocide


Two indigenous elders and survivors of Christian internment camps, Stee-mas and Wahtsek, describe why the Queen and the Pope must be arrested for Crimes against Humanity. Their appeal to other countries is to help them ban the Vatican, the Crown and the government and churches of Canada from their territories. Both elders are advisors to the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State ( Interviewed on Squamish Nation land (“Vancouver”) on April 8, 2013 by Kevin Annett.