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United Nations ‘Solar Warden’ Space Fleet, with international crews, is authorized to provide near-space security operations. This ‘Solar Warden’ Space Fleet policing of near-space also has the approval of Star Nations.
When Space Shuttle Atlantis landed at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida On July 21, 2011 and headed to a museum, we were told that the U.S. Government no longer had any space-capable vehicles, and that we would have to rely on other countries and private companies to get into orbit and service the Space Station.

That was a deception.

In actuality, since the late 1980s, the U.S. has joined with a handful of other nations to create a secret international Space Fleet, Its program, code-named “Solar Warden”, has now grown to 45 small disc-shaped “scout ships” and eight cigar-shaped motherships [each longer than two football fields].

The Solar Warden Space Fleet is operated by Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command’s Space Operations Division, headquartered on the Atlantic coast.

SNWSC -SO has approximately 300 personnel on Earth and in space.

SNWSC-SO operates as one part of the UN’s Central Security Service.

The Solar Warden Space Fleet’s vessels are staffed by Naval Space Cadre and Marine Space Cadre officers, whose training has earned them the prestigious 6206-P Space Operations specialty designation, awarded after they have graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California with a Master of Science degree in Space Systems Operations.

Member countries’ Navies and Marines furnish men and women officers to this program.

This space-security mission is two-fold.

One part of the Space Fleet’s mission is to prevent rogue countries or terrorist groups from using space from which to conduct warfare against other countries or fire from space on Earth-bound targets. Star Nations has made it quite clear that space is to be used for peaceful purposes only.

A second part of Earth’s Space Fleet mission is to prevent the rogue global-elite control group the Cabal from using its orbital weapons systems, including directed-energy beam weapons, to intimidate or attack anyone or any group it wishes in order to bend them to its will.

Because the Space Fleet has the job of being Space Policeman within our solar system, its program has been named Solar Warden.

The Space Fleet operates under authority granted by secret Resolution of the UN Security Council. The U.S. component is so highly classified that when British civilian Gary McKinnon hacked into U.S. Space Command computers several years ago and learned of the existence of “non-terrestrial officers” and “fleet-to-fleet transfers” and a secret program called “Solar Warden”, he was charged by the Bush Justice Department with having committed “the biggest military computer hack of all time.”

The Solar Warden Space Fleet functions with the approval of Star Nations, the organization of advanced intelligent civilizations in our galaxy. Star Nations has the policy that the citizens of a planet have the responsibility to work out the operation and regulation of their societies as best they can.

Lest anyone think that Solar Warden is an errant flight of fancy, important corroboration of this information is found in the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2012. Section 912 of that Defense Bill refers to the Secretary of Defense purchasing and taking delivery of “space vehicles”. (Relevant Section 912 reproduced below*.)


The “Solar Warden” Space Fleet vehicles were constructed by international aerospace Black Projects contractors, with contributions of parts and systems by the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Russia, and Australia.
And while the U.S. contributes the most people staffing the Solar Warden Space Fleet, there are also some crew members from UK, Italy, Canada, Russia, Austria, and Australia.

Additionally, the mandate and jurisdiction of the Solar Warden Space Fleet is space. It does not have jurisdiction and does not meddle in Human affairs on the ground, nor Human activity occurring within Earth’s atmosphere.

Those are the jurisdictions of the respective governments in each country and the air space above their territories.

Solar Warden Space Fleet’s mandate is to keep space peaceful and free from misuse by any Earth country’s trying to conduct war-like or illegal activities in space. Solar Warden does not replace the responsibility of Earth governments to conduct their own law enforcement and policing on the ground or in the air space over their countries.

The Secret Space Program Full Documentary

In this documentary the authors discuss the secret space program, what it is, who is behind it and why? Is there a human civilization living off-world with highly advanced technology and knowledge about the existence of aliens? Why are we being kept in the dark?