The majority of people worldwide 
do not know what the terms

Black Operations
Black Sciences mean or how they are used.

Black Operations were developed after World War I, but really
flourished after World War II during the Cold War. Congress
allocated money to the Pentagon, the C.I.A. and other
Department sectors to make the United States military as strong as
possible, but certain projects became more secretive than others.
The more secret projects were funded by the civilian sector at
first, such as pet peeve, with defense contractors already in the

As time went on, the “privy“ developed into a real clique of not
only specially screened corporations, but also choice individuals
found by federal talent hunts. A new sub-culture was born with a new
personality and belief system, completely cut off from mainstream

Cutting-edge technology such as the stealth aircraft, invisible
hover-craft, extremely low frequency mind control (ELF) and
weather control, in addition to the cloning or reproduction of
identical species, became ”Secret Sciences’.

The new knowledge
wasn‘t, and still is not, available to the regular Army, to
Congress, or to any University. The most secret of the secret was in
the hands of a power hungry few that tied itself to

the World Bank

for the future funding of its projects. They developed ”think-tanks‘
Stanford Research Institute and

to keep the masses
fooled about virtually everything.

The deception grew like a cancer into every area of industrialized
society. They moved into everything – from the Mafia, to Harvard
University, to

International Banking
. They learned how to

the media
, and thus, they controlled television, Hollywood, every
newspaper, every educational institution and every person‘s mind… at least to a certain point.

Accusations of abuse and inhuman acts by the C.I.A. and
F.B.I. were
investigated by Congress in 1977. These agencies used the excuse of
”national security” for every crime they committed. Under the guise
of ”national security‘ there has not been an investigation of their
highly illegal activities since 1977. Your Congress, your President
and your Supreme Court are actually scared of them. A mountain of
evidence points to the fact that they have killed thousands,
including corporate executives and politicians – perhaps JFK.

they are considered the “Invisible Government“! 

The “Invisible Government“ needs a name at this point, so let us
call it, The Brotherhood of the Bell. This was a 1960s movie. By the
way, Bell Corporation made the first flying saucer called ”The
Bell‘ – for the Invisible Government – because it was
shaped like a
Therefore, I shall call the Brotherhood of the Bell
– simply B.O.B.

B.O.B. became an internationally funded and operated organization
that developed its totalitarian tactics for worldwide economic,
political and military control. B.O.B. led us to believe that half
of the earth was religious-capitalism, defended by the CIA and the
other half of the world was atheist-communist, defended by the KGB.

But, in actuality, the

International Bankers

ancient esoteric
secret societies

– with an octopus of intelligence
agencies – controlled the entire earth, even through World Wars I
and II. Whenever a few cliques decided to go into business for
themselves and break away from the monopoly system, we would have a
world war. The same is true today, so be forewarned; do not mess
with the super bankers!

The Cold War ended because of a worldwide cry for ”peace”. The old
industrialist/banker game of churning up yet another war for the
military/industrial complex was becoming more and more difficult.
Their ”think tanks” had to come up with a new strategy to subdue
this ”New Left” ideology.

Time also changed technology, thus the bankers and industrialists no
longer needed large populations to do the farming, work in the
factories or even fight in their war-machine game. Advanced
computers, robots and artificial intelligence, bio-electronics and
cloning eliminated the need of all of these ”useless eaters‘. Top
secret meetings were held and a strategy initiated (as early as

One such example is found in “The Report from Iron Mountain“.

The ”New Left,” with all of its altruistic and humanitarian
concepts, would be the ”Trojan Horse” that would bring in the
largest shadow of death to fall on mankind in the written history of
the earth. ”Globalist” books reveal the hidden agenda behind

United Nations
, the covert meanings of their statues and art at the

new Masonic airports
, and their shrines like the

Georgia Guide

All of these items call for a

massive depopulation of the


 .They also propose the elimination of democracy and culture,
under the guise of a new positive program devised by one of their
”think-tanks‘. The Proposed Agenda – A one-world religion, a one-world
government – In other words, a

New World Order
. How many times have
we had that repetitive phrase thrust into our faces?

On the other hand, certain racist ”New Right‘ organizations have
been, and are currently, manipulated by the Black Ops agent
. Their motivation is to make these groups appear
hostile to the masses through their ”Song Bird‘ media.

The truth is
that these groups are very aware of certain concepts of the New
World Order
, but, they cannot see that they being used as
“scapegoats and patsies“ for Black Operations‘ sabotage. The
invisible government always uses some sort of instigated chaos to
steer public demand for social change. Gun control is a perfect
example of this!

Their hoodwinking games are from the old Masonic term, ”Ordo Abo
Chao.” They covertly create the problem, but their politicians come
forward publicly with the perfect solution: Order Out of Chaos

B.O.B.‘s old mantra was national security, its excuse for cruelty to
Now, there are a whole string of pacifications like:
save the children“ or “To save nature!“
The truth is that The
Brotherhood of the Bell
is destroying more nature with its top
secret projects like the nuclear bomb, chemical and biological
warfare and
(High-Frequency Active Auroral Research
), than we, the ”useless eaters,‘ could ever imagine doing.

When the Berlin wall came down, the Black Operations of the East merged with the
Black Operations of the West. The ”think tanks‘ now
include the Soviets and Red Chinese. They have mixed their ideas for
a One World Order with military Special Forces; this combination in
scheming collusion in order to execute their ”cleansing or killing
field” immoral programs.

What these Brave New World types do not know is that, once again,
they are being used to satisfy the greedy appetites of the

Power Elite
. Those in the Cabal know that an
inter-dimensional society, an etheric civilization more invisible than they are
control their minds and souls

They honor these

Ascended Masters or
with blood and sacrifice, as they always have, through their
history of
the Dark Nobility

Black Arts Occultism
They know
Lord of this earth is Lucifer or the Dark Forces, and that he must
be appeased.

The ”Black Budget” then started to be used for the ”Black Arts” and
became known as the Black Sciences. The earliest projects actually
started prior to World War I, while the more popular ones started
around World War II. The U.S. Army‘s Manhattan Project was in charge
of making the A-bomb, while U.S. Navy dealt with Stealth equipment
and invisibility, as evidenced in the Philadelphia Experiment.

After the war, the scientists of both projects were joined with Nazi
from Germany and NASA

From this merging, the
Security Agency
was officially inaugurated. Previous experiments
like ”Babylon-Working‘ and the ”Montauk Project were started using
Nazi occultists and scientists to communicate with and materialize
inter-dimensional beings. They were the ”unofficial‘ pioneers of
projects working on inter-dimensional time travel and
Thus, with these projects, The Black Sciences were
officially, yet covertly born.

The Black Sciences are the ”Most Secret of all Secrets” and are
seriously guarded by special, screened soldiers, trained and born
out of covert, Black Operations groups.

It is this elitist group‘s
steadfast hope to merge the seen world with the unseen world. Their
prioritized goal is currently designed to ensure that the world has
a ”oneness-of mind” (the hive concept), in addition to being
spiritually harmonized to a designated frequency that will bring
their plan into full activation. The ”Ascended Masters” have
commanded them to eliminate the Old World, with its old ideas, old
way of thinking and all of its old people. 
A new generation with a
”New World View” is the agenda of the day.

That is why many conservatives, Christians, Jews, Muslims,
Buddhists, etc. are on the surveillance and extermination lists.
That is why more anti-Constitutional laws are becoming the ”New

That is why those – in the know – from all religions and
political ideologies are getting extremely concerned and very

The ”Black Operations” work for the ”Black Sciences” who worship
”Black Occult Religions” of the BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL