A detailed examination of the seemingly impossible occurrences of the 9/11 attacks suggest that advanced alien technology was obtained and used on that fateful day.


The unmatched and extremely effective transformational power of 911 can really only be adequately explained if one assumes that it was based on the following acquisitions and use of alien advanced technology. If one truly wants to explain all the strange occurrences related to the attacks of 9/11/01 and the successful coverup afterwards in the days that followed, one must look to the application and use of alien technology obtained through long term arrangements between these occult black arts family members who rose to become top Policy-Makers.


1. Ruling Cabal’s acquisition and use of alien mind-kontrol. Obviously the well known psyops technique of “Blood-shock” was used on9/11 which makes the public very suggestible to state provided narratives carried by the CMMM. This method was also used with the JFK Assassination by use of public execution in broad daylight with a concocted film later released to dramatize the head snap and recondition the public to keep denying the truth of a conspiracy. The blood-shock of 911 provided a means to set the storyline that the “19 evil Muslims with box-cutters” from Afghanistan did it under the guidance of Osama bin Laden who made the whole USAF/NORAD stand down by use of his cell phone from a cave in Afghanistan. It is also strongly suspected that beyond-black “alien Hiving” technology was deployed by use of advanced space station and ground antenna deployed psychotronics was used to create human hive mentality of obedience and belief in the state sponsored 911 narrative dispensed by their partners in crime the evil disgusting but whitewashed CMMM.


2. Ruling Cabal’s acquisition and use of alien high tech anti-matter explosives technology.  There is sufficient evidence to show that various types of advanced explosive devices were used in the twin towers and in WTC7. There was an initial underground blast seconds before the first plan hit (conventional), numerous explosions when the alleged plan strikes occurred (conventional and high tech), and ultra-high tech anti-matter devices were used inside the elevator shafts one every ten floors detonated one per second from the top down, turning the building to dust and leaving radioactive tracers behind. There could have been a small conventional neutron device planted in the basement as an upward facing shaped charge which left some radioactive tracers. It appears that WTC has conventional high explosives pre-planted in the building which were detonated at 5:20 PM to demo the building.


3. Ruling Cabal’s acquisition and use of alien high tech anti-gravity cloaking. Beyond-Black secret anti-gravity cloaking technology has been available for at least 30 years by certain DOD USAF contractors.  This could have been used to hide the use of any cruise missile or smaller plan which struck the Twin Towers. It is not know however at this time for certain whether any plane, missile or flying object hit the twin towers or not or if it was a staged holographic from a space platform and a close-by control aircraft.


4. Ruling Cabal’s acquisition and use of alien high tech 3D holograph & sound generation and projection. It is known that beyond-black holographic technology exists which can project 3D moving images and sound which will fool many. Close study of the videos shown far too many aberrations for them to be realistic portrayals of any aircraft strikes. It is known that alien high technology does exist which could have been used.


5. Ruling Cabal’s acquisition and use of the ancient Babylonian alien black arts of Psi-power associated with a secret occult network in the background from which this Ruling Cabal that did 911 arose from in the first place as top Policy-Makers. Based on anecdotal evidence and personal testimonies it is now known that top Policy-Makers must sell their souls to lucifer to obtain their own personal spirit guide which many believe is an evil alien parasite that grants use of Psi-powers to their host.  This transaction cannot occur unless they have freely given up their souls first, i.e. been “soul-snatched” by recurrent violation of the Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Psi-power is the ages old, ancient Babylonian Black arts, aka “Black-Magic” which is the root of Babylonian Money-Magick which drives Central banking’s use of fiat debt-based currency, and pernicious usury which produces debt slavery all over the world. Declassified documents have shown that the US Military has spent many millions doing research on Psi-power, attempting to walk through walls and contact alien greys through complex black arts rituals.  The USG says these programs were discontinued.  Don’t believe it, a little basic research will show that they are spending more than ever and doing joint research with aliens in underground bases (DUMBS).


It’s a pretty good bet that massive Psi-power was used to “cast a spell” on Americans in order to be able to pull off the 9/11 operations so successfully. To do this weird rituals and numbers must be used, such as murdering JFK in masonic Dealey Plaza at the 33rd degree triple underpass. For those who do not believe that the US Army top command went luciferian and Psi for at least a while (an probably still are, especially with the remote viewing programs) do some research on the “Temple of Set”, Wewelsburg Castle, and the Black Sun.  You will be simply amazed because it all came here to America under Operation paperclip. It’s all a “can of worms” but you will quickly get an idea of what has been going on.


Some believe that there are alien/human hybrids that have risen to the top Policy-Maker positions in society using the powers provided by the black arts and selling their souls to lucifer to obtain a spirit guide and special powers to obtain success, wealth, status and power.


Of course the usual question arises quite often when discussing this subject, “if the aliens that assisted the 9/11 attacks are so high tech and so advanced and so evil, why don’t they just take over the whole world at once and get rid of all humans?”  The answer that some insiders have provided as an explanation is that there are Rules of Play to the Universe set by a God Almighty. If alien ETs are going to take over Planet Earth they must do so according to rules of human free-will and human consent, and must allow the truth to be told. They cannot go where too many people refuse to do evil or break the Golden Rule according to this narrative. Humans must be dirtied up and corrupted first, making them easier to control and that is the job of Hollywoodism and the cultural evil it conditions.


It is not a well established fact that various groups withing the USG, American Military, Intel, NASA, and private DOD contractors have established treaties with alien ETs. It is also known that super-elite deviants members of the Ruling Cabal who are Kingpins in a worldwide occult network have been involved with an evil group of aliens since at least ancient Babylonia and perhaps even earlier.  Because these matters are so compartmented inside the USG, American Military, Intel, NASA, and private DOD contractors, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. All the evidence points to an evil Ruling Cabal working with an evil group of alien ETs planned, initiated and covered up the 9/11 attacks as a part of an aggressive alien agenda.


Below is the quite long, very detailed personal testimony by  Don Phillips, a highly respected engineer with impeccable credentials (and a very good man too) which provides background on alien to human technology transfer. It starts out slow but is packed with some amazing information released for the first time ever. Because these matters are so compartmented I do not believe he was ever informed of the dark side of the alien ET phenomena, that is, the groups that some regard as Nephilim or fallen angels, demons or Jinns. Not included in this video, there is however credible testimony available from highly regarded sources that at least one alien ET group is evil and is an enemy of mankind and has an agenda to take over planet earth, terra-form it and repopulate it with their new alien ET/human hybrid transhuman species one step at a time starting in the continent of Africa.

For those that have the time and the interest, I have included the following video for those who want to go a step further in learning about technology transfer from aliens to humans. Consider this, you can expect many more mind-blowing information releases like this coming soon. Many experts believe that we will soon see an end to all secrecy thanks to the worldwide Internet and the newly emerging populism associated with it.


Technology from Extraterrestrials





Some insiders know and have stated that there is an Alien Agenda which is controlling the actions of the top Policy-Makers who are known to be associated with a worldwide secret occult network. This Alien Agenda is purported to be involved in Terra-Forming the Earth in successive steps, starting with the Continent of Africa where the first alien-hybrid are scheduled to inhabit at some future point according to well founded rumors of a secret treaty with Aliens and top world officials.


The alien agenda has been to raise up families of “the chosen ones” who may be alien hybrids themselves, who will create a worldwide NWO tyranny which can provide the complete control and tyranny necessary to deploy worldwide Terra-Forming which includes aircraft spraying of chem-trails and the use of GMO food and other high tech methods for the controlled depopulation of planet earth, in order to provide space for the new alien hybrid race. If this is true, then the Alien Agenda has achieved a great deal of gains from the 9/11 inside-job false-flag attacks and may continue to use staged or virtual terror like at Sandy Hook where there were no dead kids at all and crisis actors were used to stage a phony mass/live-shooter event as a covert attack on the Second Amendment.