BENJAMIN FULFORD UPDATE : 7 OCTOBER 2013 The cabal is down but not out, attack on all fronts until they surrender



The cabal is down but not out, attack on all fronts until they surrender
The criminal corporategovernment of the United States missed an international payment deadline onSeptember 30th and was given until October 17th to find the money or else bedeclared bankrupt. These are people who have been constantly murdering and lootingthe planet for hundreds of years and we must not waste the real, rare chance wehave now to put them out of business forever.Last week Skull andBones murderer and cabal slave John Kerry plus traitor Chuck Hagel were inKorea and Japan looting local oligarchs’ money in order to try to save theWashington D.C. crime syndicate.They were able to getenough money to put 400,000 civilian pentagon workers back on the payroll butnot enough to stave off bankrupcty.

We have confirmed from multiple direct pentagonand agency contacts that there is no military action planned to remove thecriminals from Washington D.C. That is why we must not let ourselves be fooledagain.The Joint Chiefs ofStaff and the political elite in Washington D.C. are hopelessly compromised andbrainwashed so action against them will have to start at a local direct level.Fortunately, humanity isawaking to the horror imposed upon them by the Satan worshipping elite thatseized control of the United States and turned that once Christian nation intoa mass murder machine. Victory will be ours.There is a manhunt goingon now for key cabal leaders known to be involved in nuclear terror,indiscriminate biological warfare and other attempts to kill 90% of humanityand prepare for a 1000 year fascist reich.

Those of us who have studied ourreal history know many of the names like David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger,George Bush Sr. and Jr., Tony Blair, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Rothschild familyand others. Less known are the P2 fascist lodge secret bosses like Marco DiMauro and Giancarlo Bruno.If you see any of thesepeople in public you are legally entitled to kill them in self-defense becausethey are actively trying to kill you and your family.People also need tounderstand that these people have a global network of over 1 million agents whoare working to create a totalitarian style Babylonian style world dictatorship.Many of them can be identified as Talmudic (as opposed to Torah) Jews whoregularly attend services at synagogues and believe other humans are cattle.Stop insulting the real Jews by calling them Jews and call them BabylonianSatan worshippers because that is what they are. They must be removed from allgovernment and media posts until an international tribunal can sort the wheatfrom the chaff.However, many Satanistspretend to belong to other religions or cults. These can usually be identifiedbecause they have a charismatic leader and a strict, often secret, hierarchicalstructure. Think Moonie, Scientologist and Christian Zionist.

Top cabal governmentproxies include Prime Minister David Cameron of the UK, Prime Minister StephenHarper of Canada, corporate US government President Barack Obama, UN head BanKi Moon and Japanese slave government leader Shinzo Abe.Remember, these cultistsuse control of the process of creating and distributing money as the source oftheir power.In military andstrategic terms, the best way to end their horrific rule would be to seize ordestroy the headquarters of the Bank for International Settlements in Basle,Switzerland, the 12 Federal Reserve Board Branches in the United States, theEuropean Central Bank, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and theInternational Montery Fund headquarters.If their monopolycontrol of the distribution of money was taken from them and returned to thepeople, humanity would become free and prosperous.Former Canadian DefenseMinister Paul Hellyer describes in concrete terms what a democratically runcentral bank could and did accomplish in Canada between 1939 and 1974, whencontrol was ceded to the BIS Mafiosi. remember from my own childhood that manual workers got more pay than office workers because they hadharder work and how everybody was well off.

The governor of the Bank of Canadalived across the street from us in a middle class neighbourhood and went towork in a Volkswagen beetle.After the BIS took over,the price of a chocolate bar went from 10 cents to a dollar within a few years.The dimes and quarters that were made out of silver were replaced with cheaptrinkets. Canadian living standards began to decline as money was stolen by thebankers using inflation.Hellyer is well known to exo-politics and disclosure types as one of the mostsenior former government types to have has gone on the record about humanencounters with aliens.I can confirm fromhaving visited P2 Freemason headquarters in Italy that the senior members ofthis fascist group believe they work for an alien intelligence known to them asthe black sun. They invited me to go to Switzerland to visit it. I did not gobecause I figured they just wanted to kill me there because they failed to killme when they poisoned me in Milan.In any case, here iswhat the Greek historian Heredotus wrote about the Babylonian god:“On the topmost towerthere is a spacious temple, and inside the temple stands a couch of unusualsize, richly adorned, with a golden table by its side.

There is no statue ofany kind set up in the place, nor is the chamber occupied of nights by any onebut a single native woman, who, as the Chaldaeans, the priests of this god,affirm, is chosen for himself by the deity out of all the women of the land.They also declare- but I for my part do not credit it- that the god comes downin person into this chamber, and sleeps upon the couch.”I can also state that abeautiful female agent sent to me by Middle Eastern arms dealer Adnan Khashoggisaid she had had her womb tampered with by giant humanoids. Her descriptionsounded a lot like ancient and modern depictions of the Anunnaki.Now, like Heredotus, Iremain skeptical about such a god actually manifesting in a humanoid form.However, it is true thatZionist or Satanic ruling bloodlines consider themselves to have been ourrulers or, Anunnaki, since ancient times. This could be a story they put outabout themselves to awe and intimidate the slave classes.It is also aforensically provable fact that the private banking cartel centered on the BIShas acted like a black hole sucking the wealth and life force out of humanityand this planet.For the past severaldecades at least, and probably much longer, wealth has been pouring from thepoor to the rich where it seems to vanish into nothing. The poor are forced topillage and destroy nature in order to stay alive.

The result is that we as aspecies are wiping out life from this planet at an unprecedented rate even as1.4 billion people starve.The principle is simple:the banksters have exploited a loophole in our psychology that is expressed bythe saying “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” They have beenoffering us a bird today in exchange for two tomorrow. This is the black sun ofthe fascists. It has been sucking the life blood out of our planet.The gnostic illuminatithink this entity already wiped out life that used to thrive on Mars.This sort of talk is outof line with the usual hard news I report but clearly something is not rightwith this planet.

So many of us know the US government is corrupt and sold outbut yet year in and year out the situation just goes from bad to worse and thesame criminals remain in power. One can be forgiven for wondering if there issome sort of hidden, non-human control mechanism.My guess is that, at thevery least, we are dealing with some sort of inter-generational cultural mindcontrol that can be seen, metaphorically, as an alien intelligence. People borninto the bloodlines that carry this tradition have to go along or be killed.Finally, readers whoexpected the usual hard news need to understand that some sort of informationblackout is taking place.However, it is clearsomething big is going down.

First, Obama cancelled a trip to Asia this weekand all negotiations on the so-called Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP havestopped.

Second, negotiations on US-EU economic integration have beensuspended.

Third, there was a failed cabal attempt to murder Prince Harry inAfghanistan, according to MI5 sources.

Fourth, Chuck Hagel refused to meet withWhite Dragon Society members during his trip to Korea and Japan last week.

Fifth, another faction of the cabal offered last week to hand over, for free,Federal Reserve Board boxes to the WDS.

Let’s close with amessage to the cabal: the hacker group anonymous and the gnostic illuminatihave plans for mass arrests and bloody revolution. This will lead to much deathand misery. The time for peaceful surrender and a harmonious transition isrunning out.