The Golden Age & The Electric Universe


Author, Troy McLachlan joins a number of writers with an interest in proposing alternative interpretations of human and natural history. A strong proponent of Electric Universe theory and Saturn Theory, his first publication ‘The Saturn Death Cult’ is a radical discussion on the links between planetary catastrophism, ancient mythology and their connection to ancient and modern occult ritual.

Born in South Africa, raised and educated in New Zealand, and now resident in the United Kingdom, Troy D. McLachlan spent over fifteen years in Hong Kong alternating between journalism and the film industry. He is planning a series of follow-ups to the main premise found in his first publication ‘The Saturn Death Cult’ and maintains the website Saturn Death where he posts supporting articles on occult ritual, mythology and Saturn Theory cosmology.

Troy McLachlan’s Website:

Mythology as natural history, and human history as occult ritual.The Saturn Death Cult is an investigation into ancient planetary upheavals that heralded the birth and destruction of a fabled Golden Age following which mankind then degenerated into the obsessive pursuit of wealth and power through the perverted horrors of slavery, child sacrifice and mass-murder rituals.

Troy’s website discusses the disturbing occult origins of the planet Saturn and its influence on our march towards the terrifying elitist agenda of ‘justifiable’ man-made global cleansing.

Learn why the planet Saturn is portrayed in mythology as our original sun where it was fixed in the heavens at Earth’s celestial north and from where it watched over the ancients like the All-seeing Eye of god.Find out why today’s frightening sex-murder cults and secret societies are a twisted, yet deadly legacy of a time when people yearned for the rebirth of the planet Saturn as our original sun and source of life and light.

Discover the ‘Electric Universe‘, the ground-breaking easy to understand science of plasma cosmology with an uncanny ability to provide natural explanations for what the ancients really saw happening in the skies above them; i.e. the same ancient records that today’s mainstream academics brush off as fantastical myths and certain Luciferian-type sects such as the so-called Illuminati claim as spiritual ‘Illuminated Truth’.

Understand the real forces behind the legends of Atlantis and Lumeria and our continuing fascination and fear of a coming Doomsday. Know how planetary cataclysms caused the ancients to divide mankind’s history into a Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and the modern and violently destructive Iron Age.

Also, if you have ever wondered why the infamous call for a New World Order is linked by conspiracy advocates to elitist financial cronyism, missing children and paedophilic networks, death cults, serial killers and police state terrorism, then hopefully this website may connect a few dots.

Guns. Oil. Drugs. Sex. Learn how the parasitic GODS industry has its origins in the financial corruption of the ancient mystery schools and priesthoods that had been originally established during man’s Silver Age to preserve the knowledge of Saturn’s life and death as our first and best sun.

Discover the connection between the collapse of today’s international financial system and its origins in the legend of the Tower of Babel. Then understand why certain religious teachings say it is the love of money, not the love of the Devil, that is the root of all evil.Connect secret Nazi technology and the modern UFO phenomenon to the possibility of a break away civilisation looking to colonise space at the expense of rest of us.

See how the alchemical movies of Stanley Kubrick point to a hidden modern Saturnian elite with a very dark agenda for mankind’s ‘Useless Eaters’ and how CIA mind control programs like MK-Ultra have played a significant role in the rise of the serial killer phenomenon.Once finished, you may ask the question: Are we being steered into a new occult-inspired Golden Age, or are we on the precipice of a police state Dark Age?