Things are increasingly likely to ‘HOT UP’ as The Event nears :
Do not be fooled by all the good news !!
You need total and utter financial disaster prior to The Event:
All signs are that this is well under way and do not be surprised any time in the future if you see 


Latest indicators on the Lightworkersxm EVENTOMETER:

1) Prince Philip Goes into Hospital :
 Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s 91-year-old husband, has been admitted to hospital for an exploratory operation related to an abdominal problem, Buckingham Palace says.

2) Pope # 2 Bertoni Resigns:
A source within the Vatican announced today that Tarcisio Bertone, the most powerful official in the Roman Curia and one of five Cardinals convicted by a Common Law Court of Justice last February, has prepared his letter of resignation.
Cardinal Bertone has been the effective “king maker” at the papacy for many years, and helped force Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, from office on February 11 just days after an arrest warrant was to be issued against Ratzinger.

3) Obama and signs he is cracking up says ” They may Impeach me”.
As IRS and Benghazi scandles escalate.

4) Beastly Ringleader Busted for Pedophilia In Arctic Facility.
Benjamin Fulford:
International law enforcement officials have raided a massive secret arctic facility and made scores of arrests including of a man suspected of leading the world’s oldest and largest pedophile network. The suspect, who was caught while wearing ritual satanic dress, denies any wrongdoing. However, he was found with detailed plans for illegally breaking and entering into children’s homes in multiple countries with the intent to carry out pagan satanic solar rituals.

5) Gold and Silver Doing as it should before the event:
 The GLD reported another loss in gold inventory to the tune of 2.7 tonnes. The SLV inventory of silver also remained firm with no losses. 
We have physical stories today from Addison Wiggin on the fraudulent leasing of gold and silver;Jessie from the Jessie’s American cafe on the low registered gold inventory at the Comex with additional inputs from zero …

6) As Builderbergers get the most amount of unwanted mainstream TV and newspaper coverage ever :

7) But the big news really is the financial world in deep in the doggy doo’s: IMF the largest crime su=yndicate in the world.