This is a live broadcast of a Project Camelot Roundtable discussion with Anthony Sanchez and Jay Weidner hosted by Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. We discuss the evidence for a network of near Earth orbiting satellites that are run by Artificial Intelligence, are nano satellites and have their own defensive capabilities. This discussion details some of the evidence put forward by Anthony Sanchez in a soon to be published book on the subject.

Jay Weidner brings with him his vast knowledge and background in the areas surrounding Crypto Terrestrials and the occult. This is a cutting edge dialog between researchers into the conspiracy facts that comprise the Matrix and seeing into the mysteries behind the facade.




Meet Lady Barbara Judge. Archon guardian and executor. One spookily hooked up entity who would probably scare you spitless in a dark alley. Matrix credentials out the wazoo of course, and aside from her financial webstringing duties she’s naturally leading the nuclear energy revival in Japan.

And this is her “official” portrait. Wow.

This is the nasty breed that farms our planet for power and energy. They can transform into many shapes and sizes, control and influence almost at will, and toy with us like cats in a box of mice.

They’re known by many names and disguises; devils, archangels, powerful spirits, reptilians, greys, djinn, mythical gods and goddesses, anunnaki, you name it. It can be almost anything. These are those that maintain the matrix and pounce upon humanity with wicked alacrity. They know no remorse, compunction, empathy or love.

They are parasitic by their very nature and a cancerous phenomenon in the Universe. And we happen to be on a planet they are farming.

The Ice Queen Executor – A Perfect Example

You’ll know them by their cold, detached allegiance to the Agenda. Our domination by any means possible. Here’s the scoop on the ice queen pictured above from a CNN article. This starter gives it away, “Few people would use the word “fantastic” to describe a visit to Fukushima, the site of Japan’s 2011 nuclear disaster. But Lady Barbara Judge is not just anybody”.

You’re not kidding.

Nicely woven into the matrix fabric, wouldn’t you say? Oh, but she’s just one of many. Stay tuned…and look around. They love the limelight. And are making their final moves. Many more examples to come.
Bad News or Good?

It’s way better to be aware of where you’ve landed. Yes, it’s a paradise like planet, but we have a problem at the moment…a long moment for us but a blip on the radar for their breed on the Universal scale.

And we need to be aware of what we’re up against.

These creeps are everywhere, sorry to say, thanks to those who yield to them. It doesn’t mean they have full dominion over us, but the system we live in was and is constructed by them, however you perceive “them” to be. We the people have negligible input or influence in the system they’ve built. It’s a construct for the constructors. That simple. “We the people” is a pacifying charade.

We’re not fully dis-empowered by any means. Our weapons are spiritual and eternal and we can wake up at any time and take our personal lives back, as well as kick start a few others in the process. If we reach critical mass, it’s bye bye for them. That’s what the awakening is all about.

They don’t possess the essential qualities that we do, or love, compassion and connectivity to the Creative Source. They hate that, are jealous of it, and can only poorly imitate to screen us from our true senses.