Mass Arrests 2013 :Compilation of transcripts linked into world affairs Cobra Latest : Benjamin Fulford : David Wilcock : Underground Black Ops

A combination all of Benjamin
Fulford’s & David Wilcock’s posts and most importantly, Cobra’s
Radio Transcripts and included words of many others in a compilation of
News for April-May 2013 : Plus any comments  conversing with Cobra.

This will give you a better understanding of what is really
going on behind the scenes in and around the globe and most importantly
what in a real sense to look forward to, in the not too distant future:


This c0mpilation will have all links at the foot of the
article and will plug relative transcripts and quotations from last
months major news in order to get to grips with the focus needed on the
important sections of news we seek to better our world and move
ourselves into pole position for The New Golden Age and be first on line
to benefit from Free energy and Health and Wealth items that will be
free for our use once the financial crisis peaks, which will pave the
way for the new currency NESARA currently poised for release.

Highlights of Cobra Interview : Alexander Meadors In April
2013: Victory of the light is near and May will be a month to remember

Financial System Latest, Switzerland Conference :

Cobra – At the beginning of the conference there was quite a bit
of opposition from the Astral plane. We made a big breakthrough. We
managed to activate the Zurich Vortex. We have been working with our
Ascended Master St. Germain with the transformation of the financial
system in Zurich. We are working with some of the major banks there,
like UBS bank and some other banks. As you can see that work has
positive consequences and has sped up the process significantly also for
other parts of the financial system. Apart from that we have been very
successful in anchoring the Goddess presence and the Goddess energy
which is very important to keep the balance on the planet so things
don’t go out of control.

Benjamin Fulford says 30th April : 

The P2 Freemason lodge in Italy is admitting the “algorithms are
broken” in the Western financial system and that some sort of agreement
needed to be reached over the Global Collateral Accounts. 
suggested contacting a certain Sultan in South East Asia. That message
has been forwarded. It is time to end the financial war and cut off
Zionist terrorist financing. The people of the world want peace.

In a Conversation yesterday with the writer and Cobra : Cobra(
In my words), The OPPT and Neil Keenan appear to have been on the
receiving end of an Archontic duality insurgency which has created
friction and delays (purposefully) in the release of Collateral
Accounts: ( Prosperity Packages etc:)

On Cyprus and Europe:( Get your money out of the banks now) Cobra
– Actually, the Cypress event was a test. Cabal choose a small island
that doesn’t have a big/official banking structure to see if they can
get away with stealing money from the people. (Wow) The past run wasn’t
successful for them because the people said “no”. Now they tried upper
middle class because there wasn’t so many people in that upper middle
class. These are the ones that got hit. The major investors in Cypress
were the Russian mafia. They made a deal with the Russian Mafia and they
were able to get their money out. The cabal has realized the mass
population would not happily agree with that kind of scenario. I would
suggest people get their money out of the banks right now, immediately.
Put some of it in Gold and Silver simply because if you have money in
the cabal banks they can use it for their purposes. It is not legally
yours. It’s not your property any more. You are lending your money to
them. Energetically speaking you are giving your power away to them if
you have your money in their bank.

On BITCOIN Cobra says: Cobra – Bit-coin is a
very interesting currency because it gives you anonymity. All the
transaction I would say are the most safe and anonymous of the
currencies. This is the most this is why cabal wanted to crash it. This
is why they manipulated it down. Now we will see how high it can rise
again. My predictions is it can recover. It has value. It gives
something to people that they can’t get any where else. It is quite
complicated to use but it’s very safe.

A) – It really makes sense because if everything is a flip of a
switch on a computer. There’s so many articles how things are rigged
digitally. How everything i rigged digitally. How is bit coin not going
to NOT fall into that category?

Cobra – Because it is not controlled by the cabal. The way it is
structured gives you safety. Is in a way that it is safe from mis-use.
Of course it is not 100% safe, but it is much better than the current
banking system.

A) – Just because it is a digital currency, they are nervous about.

Cobra – Even in the new financial system we will need digital
transmission. You are not going to carrying your earnings in your back
pack, I suppose. – need digital.


David Wilcock says : 

 Before LIBOR came out, we had insiders telling us
that the Alliance’s plan was to slowly, steadily defeat the Cabal — not
all at once.
 That is exactly what has happened so far. Gradually, more and more, the noose has been tightening.
 The Cabal can manipulate a major crisis with their
control of the media. Many of these journalists seem to have rebelled
against it, as we are now seeing with the ICIJ.
 Instead of the Mass Arrests scenario I had originally
heard would occur, a slower, more gradual and systematic approach has
been going on.
 Nonetheless, at some point it will not be gradual. It
will strike as hard and fast as a massive lightning-storm — just like
my dream predicted.
Alexanader asks this to Cobra  :A) – I don’t
know if you saw this, but apparently Goldman sacs Lloyd Blankfine JP
Morgan Jamie Diamond and ____Ackerman have been sentenced to be
prosecuted for their actions. I’m just wondering what you think are the
implications of that. Are we really going to see any affect in the
financial arena because of that.
Cobra – If this really happens, This is a promise at the moment. it
will have long lasting. Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks.

Cobra and Alexander continue to discuss MASS ARRESTS :
A) – What is your idea about Prince Edward, did he have a stroke?Cobra – The health conditions of people in high places are very suspicious. 

A) – This was suspicious. He was very young. (Yes) Did Margaret Thatcher die naturally?

Cobra – Yes . Nothing nefarious. She was old enough to die.

A) – I wanted everyone to know that there is a list of over 1400
elite resignations, arrests. You can go to that list

Cobra – Maybe you can put a link on your site. It’s impressive list. Many are resigning since the beginning of last year. 

A) – What happens? Do galactic beings show up at their front door and say?

Cobra – It’s simply that the ship is sinking and the rats are
escaping. It’s a psychologically natural process when people realize the
game is over. For those that are smart enough, they quit.

A) – It’s just such a massive number. It blows me away.

Cobra – Massive numbers of people are involved in this.
On Syria and Isreal; and Iran & WW3, All agree it will not happen.
Benjamin Fulford: Instead,
the world’s military and intelligence community has finally figured out
that “Islamic fundamentalist terror” is run by Zionists and not
Muslims. The crypto-Jewish Saudi regime is also now under severe attack
for its role in financing mayhem and murder. All male descendants of the
Original Saudi King will be targeted for assassination if they do not
cease and desist immediately, according to several different secret
societies, including the Green dragon.
In any case, Zionist attempts to start World War 3 are failing on all fronts. 
Cobra says almost the same about Syria and the Black ops and the odds of WW3; Cobra
– It was a diversion tactic to get people to drama again and away from
the real issues. It worked a week or two and it’s not working any
longer. It did back fire on the cabal. They did not get their objective
done. They keep repeating the same mistakes. Now they want World War III
through Syria but of course this will not work.
Cobra – They
met at exactly the lunar eclipse and had big plans of what to do with
the portal. Of course it didn’t work their way. Their only conclusion
was that they want to go down spectacularly and create a war when they
are defeated. Trigger the next war through Syria. They focused
completely on that and the last few days there is an explanation of
those events. This is the result of their decisions last Thursday. Of
course it will not work as they plan.

A) – They have really been targeting Syria a great deal lately. Is
there more here than meets the eye? Is it because of minerals?
star-gates? or?

Cobra – Portals, vortexes, portals. There are certain areas I would
not like to mention in Syria. There are some very important vortexes of
Goddess energy there. Some of them are almost 10,000 year old and of
course they want to control those portals . (wow) Syria is one of the
most important trigger points for geopolitical stability in the near
east. People that control Syria can influence a lot the geopolitical
mid-East. This is why they have been focusing on this area.
A) – Have they run out of options?Cobra
– Yes. They tried trigger WW3 through Israel, and then Afghanistan, and
that didn’t work and now they are trying through Syria. This is their
secondary option. Resistance movement will NOT allow WWIII to happen.
WWIII is not an option – will not be tolerated.

A) – Did you hear that? That is great news? We have to keep sending that message out to the world. 

No more World Wars. 

Cobra – No more world war. There is already a conflict in Syria but
it will not expand any further. It will not be allowed. It will not be

On ITCCS and Mass Arrests in the Vatican and other places leading to The Event:
A) – I’ll tell you what, we have come a long way since last year when I interviewed youCobra – Oh yes, the situation is much better. The plan is more solid
.We have a much more solid foundation – and we are actually closer to
the event.

A) – That’s awesome. What do you feel about this whole situation
with the Vatican. ITCCS has been bringing these liens forward against
the Vatican property. They have been banishing them from their
communities. There are some Bishops refusing to fund the Vatican. It’s
stirring up a lot of stuff. What are the positive implications to all of
this and how is the Resistance able to bring them to their knees
because they are the be-all, end-all most powerful out there, aren’t

Cobra – yes, but they are loosing their power daily. This ITCCS
organization is doing a very good job. 1. People are becoming aware of
the situation. 2. And those liens are helping legally in the actions
that will be taken at the time of the event. (Hugh, Really? ) It’s good
to have a little bit more background for the actions, when the time is

A) – That’s really good. What do you think of this new pope? Are you
impressed with some of the different things going on with him? Blowing
people with some of the things he says.

Cobra – Not impressed. Neutral. Some good aspects and not so good
aspects of himself. He had a quite high in the Jesuits organization
years ago. I will not say that He is not completely cabal controlled. I
have a neutral opinion.

A) – You still agree that he is NOT a walk in?

Cobra – No he is definitely not a walk in and he is not a Saint either.

Boston and other  False Flags with Russia, Japan and Putin links plus the shrinking of North Korea Threats:
Benjamin Fulford says : The Satan worshiping
mafia that seized control of the West’s financial system is literally
offering the world to Russian President Vladimir Putin in a desperate
attempt to keep in power, according to a gnostic illuminati grandmaster
and an MI6 agent. That may be why Russia is officially going along with
the obviously fake Boston bombing psychological warfare operation
against the American people. It may also be why the green light has been
given for Japan and Russia to settle a territorial crisis that has
lasted since the end of World War 2. 
However, any role for
Putin greater than what he has now is extremely unlikely since the US
military is not going to go along with Zionist schemes any longer.

Cobra says :A) – , One of the hugest Media
headlines is the Boston bombing. In my opinion It’s been an absolute
house of cards. I can’t get over how sloppy it is. They’ve been busted
about fake injuries. There are 5 private military contractors busted
carrying actual back packs associated with the bombs. It goes on and on
and on. What is your feeling about the Boston bombing? Why is it such a
sloppy job and why then?

Cobra – The cabal is quite desperate because they are trying to
maintain the vibration of fear on the planet with those false flag
events. They are not very intelligent. They are not very good planners
and they make big mistakes. At the beginning they were seemingly getting
their goal of fear. People were worried and upset about this whole
thing. People started after about a week people began investigating
deeper and much is coming out. Like the pattern of 9/11. People are
beginning to awaken.

A) – I noticed that. There is much more participation on line.
People being skeptical and analytical about media’s headlines, their
pictures, their articles. People are tearing stuff apart. (Yes, very
good) This is what we want. Even the head of the police department
slipped and called some of the people involved “actors”. Did you hear

Cobra – Yes, because some of them were actors. The truth can not be suppressed any longer.

David Wilcock says in regards to his dream about Putin : 

In real life, I have had no contact with heads of state — only
insiders who work for various classified programs. However, this dream
was very realistic and serious.
 This “clarification dream” suggested that the Cabal
is indeed going to be defeated — but that dangers and some degree of
upheaval will occur as it happens.
 It does appear that the Boston Marathon and Texas
fertilizer plant explosions are two examples of this — but there could
still be others before it resolves peacefully.
Alexander and Cobra rap up with this Q&A:
A) – I’m sure you heard about west texas and fertilizer plant
exposure. They have now uncovered there were missiles involved with
that. Have you heard any intel on that and can you share that?
Cobra – This is just another false flag event to ring more fear into the population. I would not agree with most speculations.

A) – I thought it was interesting of the location they chose. I
think it was Fulford said how somebody had given a warning to 3 or 4
diff presidents.

Cobra – Yes, but I would disregard most of those warnings. It’s true
that much more of those events are planned than are manifested. 85% are
prevented from the positive actions inside of the intelligence

The Event, disclosure and the financial collapse:
Upto date Coverage of the Citizens Court on Disclosure is best seen here :
Cobra: A) – I just wanted to remind everyone
that the citizen hearing on disclosure is going down – April 29 – May
3rd. Please support that. 30 hrs testimony on UFO and disclosure. This
is so important for us to get disclosed. Any comments on that?

Cobra – It is a part of prep for the real disclosure. It’s a good thing. It is one of the more important events right now.

David Wilcock:
On April 7, 2013, Lee Speigel wrote a pivotal piece on Huffington Post. He became the first to destroy a total media blackout on an incredible, world-changing story.
Skeptics have endlessly claimed there is “no evidence” to
support the existence of extraterrestrial life — despite incredible
volumes of easily-available data, including hundreds of credible,
high-level whistleblowers.
 The Cabal does appear to have used the manipulated media to craft this phony story.
 In the process, ordinary people have been taught to
deny what is right in front of them — and write it off as ridiculous,
laughable and irrelevant.
 Now the evidence in favor of the reality of extraterrestrial life has grown far more compelling.
 The movie SIRIUS premiered this past Monday, April
22, 2013, at the Regal Cinemas Live theatre in downtown Los Angeles.
Many top film premieres occur in this massive venue.
 I was one of about 800 people who were there in the
theater for this exciting spectacle — which could prove to be one of the
final tipping-points in the Disclosure process.
 My big lightning dream did occur before the premiere. This film does appear to be one part of the process I was being shown.
 A follow-up dream, the morning of the premiere,
suggested that this one event — the full revealing and DNA testing of an
ET humanoid — could change the entire world.
 It was admittedly a trip-out to be there with a huge
audience at the premiere — particularly since I was featured in about
five different scenes in the movie.
 The cinematography was beautiful; every scene looked
terrific; the score was meditative and luminous; and the little ET was
definitely the star of the show.
There is much much more in David Wilcocks’s article on this here:
The financial Tyranny begins it’s own form of Disclosure now
All agree that the ICIJ release of Corporate entities and
Filmstars Government ministers all have Offshore tax evading accounts
which will blow the lid on our corrupt society and David Wilcock covers
this greater than any of the others, explaining it to be 6 times greater
than anything Wikileaks has released.
David Wilcock: 

I have learned how to tell the difference between ordinary
dreams and urgent, prophetic dreams. These dreams were urgent and
Are these two dreams really true? Could such a major event be
about to happen — involving the exposure and downfall of the Cabal?
The more I dug into the investigation, the more evidence I found.
One very significant new development is the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, or ICIJ.
This is a combined group of 38 different media companies —
involving 86 journalists from 46 different countries – all working
together for the first time.
This includes top media networks in the UK, the US, France,
Germany and Canada. It is very telling that their own networks haven’t
reported much about their work yet — if anything.
Nonetheless, the alliance is very real — and there is a ton of material to read on their website,
They have hacked into over 2.5 million secret files — and are
systematically identifying each and every secret haven where the Cabal
has been hiding the money it is stealing from the people.
This includes shadowy “off-ledger” accounts that were based on
stealing from the Global Collateral Accounts, as we have reported
in Financial Tyranny.
Now for the latest News : Sunday 6:00PM Eastern Time : 
LIGHTWORKERSXM : Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock and Cobra
are totally independant people and they differ in personality and
They happen to be Front line resistance operatives for
different reasons with one aim which makes this all the more interesting
compilation of events. 
We are all one and we are all ascending into the New Golden Age.
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