Surveillance and monitoring via, CCTV, Internet, Bank /store card, mobile phone GPS etc…. what freedoms are there really left in society…??

Soon if the oligarchs are not stopped we will have a one world currency that will be a virtual electronic RFid based system.

The RFid infrastructure is feverishly being implemented and trials in the UK range from Tesco Supermarket warehouse using RFid tags with is personnel, smart banks cards already tracking using the RFid chip and pin cards, Schools and colleges trialing student RFid tags, the London Underground Oyster card monitoring the exact use and travel details personalized to the card holders and many others.

People are being groomed and pushed to a cashless society, where your freedoms to object to totalitarian state rule will be zero. The democratic era has past as the EU block take more control and the Bilderburg group ( & others ) manipulate the world.

When ” NEW” Labour party following the devastating Tory decimation of individual freedoms [under Thatcher] and collective freedoms ( destruction of unions and most industry), new labour introduced over 3000 new penalties and offences…!!!! Now the Tory’s resume with more devastaing blows to the last freedoms.

So was Aldous Huxely (reportedly a possible NWO elites psyops man) correct with his warnings…..???

We all know what freedoms have been fanatically taken away everywhere and the manipulation of the people of the world.

A plethora of false flag terror over the years and subsequent legislation to restrict personal liberties….?

Tanks at airports….etc…. anti terrorist laws, patriot act…

Bankster bailouts= austerity measures to reduce your free cash.

Global warming FRAUD and carbon credits, UN Agenda 21, codex ailmentarius, Global 2000, Weather weapons., GMO, VACCINES, FLUORIDE etc… A totalitarian state is revealed…