“The Wes Penre Papers – A Journey through the Multiverse” (First and Second Level of Learning)


My name is Wes Penre and I am a researcher and a writer. My main

research over the past 15 years has been focused on exposing the

Global Elite (the Powers That Be, who are pulling the strings on

mankind behind the scenes), in combination with humanity’s

spiritual journey into the future.

In 1998 I posted my first website, Illuminati News, on the Internet

and it is still up and running. It’s a giant database on the exposure

of the Global Elite and their past, present and future plans to further control

humanity for the purpose of their own wealth and power, and to serve those whom

they are reporting to higher up in the hierarchy, who are not from this Earth; not

even from this dimension.

Illuminati News grew so big that I decided to stop updating it. Instead I posted all

updates from 2009 up until today to a blog, which I decided to call “News from

Behind the Scenes”., which from 2011 and onwards will be my main website, is diving

into the details of the creation of our Universe/Multiverse; how and where life on

Planet Earth started; the genetic manipulation of mankind; the War of the “gods”

here on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe; who is pulling the strings behind the

Global Elite; the upcoming difficulties and challenges we are meeting, and lastly, how

to deal with our situation.

This website will take you on a mind-blowing journey through the Multiverse and tell

the amazing story of how our Universe was created, how Planet Earth came to be,

who created us, and our place in the Multiverse as individuals and as a species. It

will show that we all are connected on a subquantum level and that everything in

existence is energy which stems from the same Source, which could be called “God”

or “All That Is”.


The Purpose of This Website/E-Book


This website is based upon a new idea I had some time ago. Instead of writing a

book, I decided to create a site which consists of “Papers” to which I am the author

(except for some articles in the “Cognitive Section”). The Papers span over a vast

amount of subjects, all of which I feel are of highest importance for everyone on this

planet. Still, all these subjects are connected and need to be combined to get the

Bigger Picture of reality.

The reader can pick and choose papers of interest from the Table of Contents and

read in any order, but to get the best grasp of the whole concept I am trying to get

across would be to navigate this site by starting from the beginning, just like with a

book, and read through it all in sequence. By doing so, you will be taken on a

thrilling rollercoaster ride through space and time.




Levels of Learning


“The Wes Penre Papers”

– A Journey through the Multiverse –

(First Level of Learning)



“The Wes Penre Papers”

— A Journey through the Multiverse —

(Second Level of Learning)–TheSecondLevelOfLearning%28ONLINEVERSION%29.pdf



Robert Morning Sky is a full-blooded Native Indian; half Hopi and half Apache. He got his basic
information from his Hopi grandfather, who told him about a star being, a ‘Star Elder’, as he called
him, whom they had rescued from a UFO crash some time in the late 1940s. In return from have
been saved and cared for, this short, skinny being told them the history of the stars as it pertains
to Earth, and the ancient story of Planet Earth, which star beings normally call either ERIDU,
TERRA, or URAŠ. It was a fascinating story about the Queen of the Stars from Orion who got in
conflict with a younger star race from Sirius. This confrontation, after a lot of twists and turns,
came to involve Planet Earth in a very profound way and to such an extent that it directly has to
do with the creation of mankind.