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The Keshe Foundation through its director on the 15.10.2012 during a live program on the Sierra Leone main national television channel at 10.30am local time handover the full five patents of the Foundation through their ambassador to European Union to the government of Sierra Leone.

This handover of technologies free of any financial restriction covers all technologies which have been developed by the Keshe Foundation.

The technology transfer to the National government of Sierra Leone included the full blue print of the space reactor and space craft design.

The handover of the electronic key containing all documents and patents was received with much pleasure and respect by the government of Sierra Leone in the live TV program.

Following the acceptance of the new space, energy, health technology by the official of the government of the Sierra Leone, on the same day the technology transfer through teaching to the scientists of the University of the Freetown with presence of the Vic chancellor of the university to the scientists of the country through a full lecture at the university was completed.

On the 16.10.2012 the technology was taught to the university chancellor, professors, lecturers and students of the northern university of the Sierra Leone.

On the 17.10.2012 the technology was taught and knowledge transfer was completed to the chancellor, professors, lecturers and students of the Southern university of the Sierra Leone.

By invitation of health community of the Sierra Leone, The Keshe Foundation participated in the health conference, which was held in Freetown on the 18.10.2012, with presenting videos of the health section of the Foundation.

As we promised as of the 15.10.2012 the government and nation of the Sierra Leone has joined the world spaceship program and full teaching support for the scientists of the nation is planned.

We will inform the forum of the future plans for the African nations which are joining the full technology transfer.

M T Keshe