Drake gives an important update on the mass arrests. According to him the military told him that the cavalry is coming and to sit back and watch the fireworks!


THE EVENT that we have been talking about is finally around the corner.

The world as we know now is run by criminals that will be removed very soon with a process that is called THE EVENT..

Drake was given extraordinary intel, names and dates.

What I was asked is to relay those messages from the US Military.

A – The cavalry is coming.

B – If needed be, the US Military will be contacting civilians and US Militias.

C – Sit back and watch the Fireworks.

The US Military is trying to give us the best fourth of July ever.

I was giving a day and it is this week.

Heres a resume of what Drake, LadyDragon and Minuteman had to say tonight;

– Collateral accounts with Neil Keenan, Drake can not talk about those at this time.

Drakes wants to clarify a few things.

The meeting in Rio de Janeiro for G-20 was disguised with finance and other things but spies in that group leaked the truth about the meeting.

Agenda 21 and implementation PDF files 49 pages of the Global Constitution.

In that file, it is the future that they want not what we want.

The idea is to remove everyone out of the forests and farms and put them in cities to live in a shipping container. Cattle cars with handcuffs. Fema camps are real.

They want to rule us and control us.

Joe Miller outed it with Last week’s Rio+20 Conference about “shackling the planet under a global government”

Paperwork has been summited to give the US Military the right to help all of us.

Veterans be will honored.

Go to the bank and make sure you have cash on hand for 2 weeks.

UN one world order will not happen.

911 did not happen by chance.

The Rockerfellers and the Bush are guilty are treasons.

The fourth of July will be a real celebration.

UN army can not take on the US military

This week Opposing forces – pirates have been dealt with.

LadyDragon also spoke about the FBI: Nationwide child prostitution sweep leads to 104 arrests, 79 children rescued and 

Ron Paul’s Latest “Audit the Fed” Bill Passes Committee Unanimously

Minuteman said he was ready to help the US Military.

Canada will be tested in the next few weeks and Mexico as well. Amero, North Americain Highway is to be terminated.

After our Event, Drake will be able to name names.

UN to be dismantle and reinitiate like it was suppose to be, helping countries.

UN was taken over by the Dark cabal as well.

Aliens are suppose to come and tell why and where we came from.

Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh know about what is going on.

Central Banking will be closed.

Drake suggest the Canadian goverment to be on the side of the people or they will have to deal with the other countries.

Income tax is illegal and it will be removed.

Prosperity Packages there are of lot ifs.

Federal Reserve is out.

Aliens arriving is known but not allowed to say yet.

Drake does not know about the Olympics.

Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano are some of the people that can run things.

People that are working should get a nice surprise in their paycheck.

In Conclusion Drake said – I think we will have a nice future 🙂




December Comes Early


I know you would like to hear a loving message and more than anything, I want to give that to you….Everything is in place and it’s going to be a rough ride.
In light of the fact that Drake announced he had good news to share, here’s hoping it shakes everyone into gear to get going in healing the earth.

– julia may