The all-seeing eye is a representation/symbol of an inner teaching. The very mysterious symbol of the ‘all seeing eye’ on the back of the dollar bill has a Masonic illuminati inner meaning to it. The inner teaching of high masonry is that by engaging in the secret of the all-seeing eye, one could live forever, and they believe they are accessing alternate universes, alternate realities where they can become as gods and achieve their immortality.

The meaning of the secret – of the all-seeing eye is that it is the eye of Lucifer, and in dark occultism, it also corresponds to an infamous vice.  This refers to the occult archaeometric doctrine [that they will establish their godhood in the afterlife] but that they have to build their “temple” here, and this term [“temple”] is a codeword for the infamous sin (that is unnatural).

By the ritual commission of it, this according to their clever sophistry, and cunningly devised fables and delusive fictions; they are enabled to access other realities by acting unnaturally against the angelical virtue; and they do this to attain enlightenment (greater possession).  That through the instrumentality of this sin against the natural order, inflicted against youth – especially a male child, they think they are accessing alternate universes, that they access alternate dimensions of reality through what are called the tunnels of typhon. (Keep in mind their system of belief is pantheistic).The Tree of Evil, also known as the Qliphoth, features 10 spheres (evil worlds) each connected by tubes or pathways (tunnels). These typhonian tunnels are the paths between these 10 evil worlds.

The Qliphoth are negative or entropic beings in the universe, and are the opposite of the positive or kaotic beings known as the Sephiroth. The Hebrew root word “qlippah” or “klippah” (plural “qlippoth”) means “shell” or “husk”.

Some consider the Qliphoth to be, quite simply, the spirits of the dead, but this is not the case. They may consist of the spiritual energy obtained from either the living, or the dead, and encase themselves in the lighter, etheric shell-bodies of the dead, but they are not the actual Souls of the dead.

They are, of course, the entropic, unnatural force in the Universe which drives people towards death, self-destruction, and suffering, because this is what the Qliphoth craves as food.

The belief here is that through this, they can access these tunnels into alternate universes, alternate realities and the goal of this kind of magic is to find their own universe and become the god over that universe; this buys into and is the origin of the modern day physics theory that there are many dimensions of reality, alternate universes, and this shows up in science fiction a lot; and then once they are the god of that universe they can start sucking the energy out of it, and they can utilize that energy (received by conduit of the victimized child) to live forever and ever.

The important thing is these people believe it, and sadly they do it and it draws them into all kinds of profound evil. And this broad genre of magic is called ‘transyuggathian’, and all that means is magic that goes beyond transplutonic space , space beyond the planet Pluto.  They believe this magic is beyond the pale of the sun, and therefore beyond the pale of the Christian God; they believe that there are gods out beyond Pluto that are far more powerful and far more dangerous, and far more deadly than either God or the devil, and that’s what these men are trying to access.

This is part of Kabbalism, which is rabbinical fable interspersed within their satanic fictitious interpretation and corruption of the Old Testament scriptures. But since it incorporates science fiction, it has the semblance of truth to the superstitious, but in reality these fictions are only veils and disguises for their refined idolatry – for those caught in the deeper mysticism of the cult of those justifying ritual abuse. Through this horrific sin against angelic virtue, the high masons not only believe they are accessing alternate realities, but that they are also taking [a] quantum leap[s] forward in consciousness.

The dark occultist/initiate beforehand does mind meditation, breathing exercises, and paganistic spiritual ritual exercises and these practices actually have the effect of enhancing and accelerating the endowment of the evil spirit unto the practitioner. They are then immersed in the sins of the flesh (they are taught the branch of yoga that deals with this).

They also use all sorts of pharmakeia, drugs, and wines for coming into greater communion with the serpent, who is said by Aleister Crowley to “giveth knowledge and bright glory.” This process is called illumination, the summit of which is the act against nature, and they are techniques to open the “3rd eye” to bring about what they call enlightenment (deep possession and psychic ability).{Before this, if the child is an occultist in waiting/preparation, the child is deprived of food and sleep for days, and depending on how they react, beatings are employed, and at times the child is made to partake in sacrifices – [and is traumatized by the highly insane bloody rituals] and they are also given drugs.

Through the horrific sin against angelic virtue, the dark occultists believe they are accessing alternate realities and that the child (if the child is occultist) is taking a quantum leap in consciousness. They believe this brings the child enlightenment/i.e possession and psychic ability – that is the aim of this bad thing, is to get the child’s consciousness to be possessed/enlightened and the child receives white light in the mind when victimized unnaturally. That is what it means to be illuminated. This brings psychic powers like the ability to see auras, the ability to astrally project to see the future, things like this.}

This sinning at times happens in the midst of invoking fallen archangels in the high rituals etc. They hope to be accessing other universes, by the infamous unnatural sin. They hope to be establishing contact with and channeling energy from those realms. They call their sins against chastity magical acts. They incorporate science fiction into their beliefs and it is pantheistic in such a way as to devise the supposed “benefits” of committing the unnatural transgression, since they regard it highly (to them it is the highest magical working – because of its believed magical effects – for not only is the victim a youth, which is abomination, but the sin is a double abomination because it is against nature).

Dark Occultists call this unnatural infamous sin, an aristocratic virtue. The high mason receives flashes of white light in the mind while getting deeply possessed (“enlightenment”) when they’ve transgressed unnaturally against the chastity of the child. When dark occultists inflict ritual abuse, harm, pain, and death etc., on their victims for personal satisfaction, it is “justified” by them in their insane beliefs, (and particularly by Aleister Crowley). He said the consent of the victim is not always explicit; that such acts are emancipation or initiation to another. That since the perpetrator is being emancipated or initiated through these acts; it is “justified” according to them.

The dark occultists who do these things believe this rite is designed to re-open psychic gateways – the third eye. They do this to open their psychic abilities. They believe there is an energy center on the forehead between the eyes called the agnichakra (one of 7 energy centers in the human body). They believe they’ll receive psychic abilities by opening it completely. This strongly held belief of a latent power within man such as the third eye (pantheistic energy) is occultic.

This is because the very spiritual beings also have enough spiritual power to cause things to happen in the physical world which appear to justify his “faith” in the third eye. He believes and it works. That is enough to prove to him the “truth” of what he believes. The dark occultist, having accepted this, is usually powerless to free himself  and will even show a manifest unwillingness to be set free.

They believe they derive massive Pantheistic energy (energy emanating from man and influencing events and the world) by engaging in this ritual and it is “the great work.”  Upon this, every high freemason is enjoined to labor.

The inner teaching is called: The greatest secret in occult history, the occult archaeometric doctrine of masonry,The Royal Secret of masonry.