Lloyd Pye is a researcher and author known for his work with the Starchild Skull and Intervention Theory. Lloyd began writing in 1975, then became a screenwriter in Hollywood in the 1980s. In 1995, he found his passion writing nonfiction in Alternative Knowledge.

Alternative Knowledge is information rooted in mainstream science, but in areas normally kept from public discussion because they cast doubt on the currently accepted paradigms and dogmas of the mainstream.

Lloyd’s fields of expertise include Intervention Theory, the origins of life, of human life, of alien reality, of hominoid (bigfoot, yeti, etc.) reality, which makes him a dynamic platform speaker in about Alternative Knowledge.


Evidence on the existence of Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Lloyd has compelling arguments in why humans should only be identified as Hominids and anything else that resembles bipedal apes should be identified as Hominoids. This video reveals some of the missing pieces of the puzzle concerning Intervention Theory.


“Hominoid” technically means a member of the biological superfamily of Hominoidea, including modern great apes, humans, and several extinct ancestors and relatives.
 The term has fallen from favor with modern scientists, who want to categorize humans and the so-called prehumans as “hominin.” Thus, “Hominoid” has been adopted to describe the controversial family of upright walking hair-covered primates that live on every continent on Earth except Antarctica.

These primates are known by different names in different cultures: Bigfoot in the U.S., Sasquatch in Canada, Yowie in Australia, Yeti and Abominable Snowman in the Himilayas, Alma in Eastern Europe, and various other names around the world.

These Hominoids are generally dismissed as delusion or superstition by the bulk of mainstream scientists, but a growing number of serious researchers and specialists are investigating the obvious fact that these primates exist and have existed on Earth for millions of years.

Groundbreaking work by specialists like the late Dr. Grover Krantz, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, and many others lends credence to the mass of evidence that includes films, audio recordings, hair and scat samples, foot and body prints, distinctively broken tree limbs and animal bones, and other signs of existence from these hair-covered bipeds.

Based on eye-witness accounts, historical records, and the array of prints, films, and other psychical evidence that has been analyzed, Hominoids are known to come in 4 basic types defined by size:

(1) Bigfoot/Sasquatch are by far the most famous at 7 to 10 feet tall, weighing 700 to 1000 pounds. They live in the deep, dense montane forests that surround the earth at high elevations in temperate latitudes.

(2) Abominable Snowman/Yeti types are human-sized but far more robust than humans, at 5 to 7 feet tall, weighing 500 to 700 pounds. They seem to live only in valleys in the Himalayan Mountain ranges, a combined area as large as the U. S. They are the most primate-like of the four main types, with similarities to chimps and gorillas in physiology and temperament.e”>

(3) Alma/Kaptar types are also human-sized, at 5 to 7 feet tall and weighing 500 to 700 pounds, and also living in dense forests around the world, but at lower elevations than bigfoot/sasquatch types. They are the most human-like of the three large types, and I personally suspect these types will prove to be living Neanderthals.

(4) Agogwe/Sedapa types are pygmy-sized at 3 to 4 feet tall and weighing 200 to 300 pounds, living in the thick sweeps of jungles that surround the earth along its equatorial regions. They seem to live in small groups or “tribes,” whereas the other three types are believed to function mostly as small independent family units.

The key point to make about these animals, and about the many other variations of names given to them around the world, is that such names simply would not exist if the creatures they are meant to describe did not exist. Where there is so incredibly much smoke, described in details that correspond astonishingly wherever they are found, surely it means a fire is burning, a fire whose flames will eventually reach and consume those who insist it can’t be real.


Lloyd Pye – Hominoids: 20 million years of suppressed history



Seminal lecture by Lloyd Pye on our origins and enslavement as a species.







Interventionism- the theory that mankind was genetically
created by flesh-and-blood “gods”.
Expanding on the work of Zecharia Sitchin to present
an account of what happened in the Garden of Eden



The Biblical tale of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is based on actual events which happened nearly 200,000 years ago. A comparison of ancient texts with the latest breakthroughs in genetic science reveals amazingly consistent details, which enable us to finally solve the mystery of mankind’s origins.

The shocking conclusion is that man was a genetic hybrid, created and manipulated not by God, but by flesh-and-blood, walking, talking ‘gods’.

Man The Slave

A religious belief in One God has dominated the thinking of western society for more than a thousand years, leading to considerable difficulties with the concept of flesh-and-blood ‘gods’.

However, such an idea did not present any problems to the world’s first known civilization – the Sumerians – who lived alongside these divine rulers and depicted them as human-like beings. The Sumerian scribes and their Akkadian successors inscribed clay tablets with a wealth of information about the gods. One such text, commonly known by the name of its hero, Atra-Hasis, describes the background to the creation of man, when the gods themselves were involved in the painstaking extraction of minerals from Earth:

When the gods, as men, bore the work and suffered the toil – the toil of the gods was great, the work was heavy, the distress was much.

Conditions were so severe that, after 40 periods of hardship, the gods rebelled against their leader Enlil. A council of the gods was then called, at which the god Ea (alias Enki) provided the solution:

While the Birth Goddess is present, let her create a Primitive Worker, let him bear the yoke, let him carry the toil of the gods!

The ensuing passages of the Atra-Hasis describe what appears to a modern-day reader as a cloning process, in which the goddess Nin-ti (‘Lady Life’) made fourteen pieces of ‘clay’ and impregnated fourteen ‘birth goddesses’.

Katakamuna ( NINTI ) and Crop Circle

Both are in Fractal Design.

Fractal Geometry may be Sacred Geometry.

Through Fractal Geometry, Ancient or Cosmic Wisdom 
may be sinking directly into our soul – heart.

The first slaves comprised seven males and seven females, referred to as LU.LU – a term indicating a genetic mixture between the primitive hominid Homo erectus and the gods themselves.

The event can be dated to around 200,000 years ago when the large-brained Homo sapiens suddenly appeared on this planet.

The Meaning of Eden

The Biblical Garden of Eden is not a mythological place but a real location.

In order to understand what happened there, it is necessary to appreciate that the word Eden is derived from the Sumerian term E.DIN. Whilst the first syllable ‘E’ meant ‘Home’, the second syllable was an abbreviation of DIN.GIR, commonly translated as ‘the gods’. Eden or E.DIN was therefore the ‘Abode of the Gods’.

Ancient texts describe more than one abode of the gods, with the Earth being divided geographically between two rival groups, headed by the brothers Enlil and Enki respectively. Whilst the Enkiites inhabited the African continent, the Enlilites occupied Asia and particularly the fertile lands of Mesopotamia. We are thus dealing with both a western Eden and an eastern Eden.

It was in the western Eden, also known as the Abzu or Lower World, that Enki and Ninti created the LU.LU slave, a detail which is confirmed by finds of the oldest Homo sapiens fossils in Africa. It was in these mineral-rich lands that man was put to work in the dangerous process of extracting minerals from deep underground.

A text known as The Myth of the Pickaxe explains what happened next. In the eastern Eden, Enki’s brother and rival, Enlil, was besieged by his underlings, who complained that the slaves were being unfairly monopolized in the Lower World.

Enlil, described in the following text as ‘the Lord’, reacted accordingly:

The Lord called forth the AL.ANI, gave its orders. He set the earth splitter as a crown upon its head, and drove it into the Place-Where-Flesh-Sprouted-Forth. In the hole was a head of a man; from the ground, people were breaking through towards Enlil. He eyed the Black-headed Ones in steadfast fashion.

This raid on the Black-headed slaves is also mentioned briefly in the Old Testament, Genesis 2:7-8, where man rather curiously had already been formed when he was ‘put’ in the Garden of Eden by ‘God’.

The Serpent God

The Book of Genesis tale of Adam and Eve is nowadays regarded as a symbolic myth, but several clues suggest that it drew upon an earlier account of a real event.

The first clue is that God himself is described as one of the walking talking gods. The second clue is the presence of the Serpent – a well-known symbol for the ancient Egyptian gods, and particularly Enki himself, the genetic scientist who had created man. It is no coincidence that the modern symbol of medicine is a serpent entwined around a staff.

The third clue lies in the outcome of the Serpent’s intervention. Adam and Eve’s embarrassment at being naked, along with Biblical references to the acquisition of ‘knowledge’, clearly suggest that they were the first human pair to become sexually aware. The Old Testament suggests that this change was caused by the consumption of a ‘fruit’. This is a significant detail because, according to the scenario outlined so far, man was created by the gods as a hybrid creature, and hybrids are nearly always born sterile. The tale of sexual knowledge being granted in the Garden of Eden therefore carries a distinct ring of truth.

How exactly did a ‘fruit’ bestow sexual knowledge on Adam and Eve?

As mentioned earlier, the Serpent god was Enki, the genetic scientist of the gods, and the ‘fruit’ with which he tempted Eve would thus seem to symbolize a deliberate genetic intervention by him.

However, in order to confirm our suspicions, we must first address the questions of motive and opportunity, and we must produce a solid scientific hypothesis on how such a genetic change could have been introduced. The background provided so far provides all but one of the clues we need to reconstruct the event.

The missing piece which solves the puzzle is the mysterious ‘Tree of Life’ in the Garden of Eden.

The Tree of Life

According to the Book of Genesis, Adam and Eve were free to eat from a ‘Tree of Life’ up until the moment they became sexually aware.

Only then did the Lord God say:

The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live for ever.

· Why the sudden change of mind?

· Why was it that this god, identified earlier as Enlil, originally wanted man to eat the fruit and live forever, but then decided to withdraw it from Adam and Eve?

· Why did it suddenly become necessary for him to expel them and safeguard the Tree of Life with a ‘flaming sword’?

The answer is amazingly simple.

Originally mankind was designed as a slave workforce which could be easily controlled, and his sterility was an essential control mechanism. However, with the granting of sexual knowledge to Adam and Eve, man acquired the means to independent reproduction. The longevity offered by the Tree of Life thus changed from an asset to a liability, creating a serious risk of an out-of-control population explosion.

Is it really possible that consumption of a ‘fruit’ could have delayed Adam and Eve’s ageing process? Genetic scientists have recently discovered that ageing is caused by genetic mutations, and that one of the prime causes of these errors is excess oxygen in the cells. This oxygen, known as ‘free radicals’ causes damage to our cells in the same way that it causes cars to rust and butter to go rancid. Scientists are now investigating the possibility of using a cocktail of drugs to form a protective barrier around the cells, and so extend the human life span. Such a drug could well lie behind the symbolism of the legendary fruit of the Tree of Life.

Anti-ageing drugs, however, were only one method used by the ancient gods to maximize their life spans.

The primary factor behind the alleged immortality of the gods was almost certainly a genetic inheritance, as evidenced by the male gods’ obsession with marrying their half-sisters. Such a genetic longevity is indeed being sought in the laboratory today. Scientists at the Geron Corporation in America are confident that they can prolong the life of human cells by manipulating the telomeres on the end of the chromosomes.

Furthermore, a genome which was artificially enhanced in this way would make perfect sense for a species which was attempting to overcome the time barriers to inter-stellar travel.

Adam and Eve

According to the Old Testament, Adam lived for 930 years, but this amazing life span pales into insignificance compared to the reigns of thousands of years recorded in the Sumerian Kings Lists.

These periods once seemed incredible, but are now scientifically plausible, based on the assumption that man was indeed created in the gods’ image, genetically-speaking. Today’s average life span of three score years and ten is the inevitable result of the reproductive orgy and genetic mutations which followed the events in Eden.

Let us now return to the crucial question of how and why the god Enki genetically reprogrammed the human race.

Enki’s motive presents us with no problem, other than denting our proud human heritage, for it would seem that his gift of sexual knowledge was simply a spiteful trick on his brother Enlil. Following the raid on the slave camps, mentioned earlier, we can safely surmise that Enki was more than a little upset with his brother, and was awaiting a suitable opportunity for revenge.

How was it that Enki, the Serpent god, turned up in the Garden of Eden? The plausible answer is that Enlil’s raid into Africa captured an insufficient number of male workers. Without the cloning technology and the females that were created to act as surrogate mothers, Enlil was powerless to expand his newly acquired labour force. It was thus inevitable that he would have to seek Enki’s help in setting up a fully independent medical centre.

What happened next? The most likely scenario is that Enki brought two female LU.LUs to the eastern Eden and offered to demonstrate the necessary procedures by carrying out the first cloning operations. Let us assume that one male and one female embryo were implanted into the two females with Enlil blissfully unaware that these embryos had been genetically altered by Enki.

Ur-Namma and the god Enlil, with the Tree of Life 
between them. Detail from the “Ur-Namma Stele”. 

The birth of Adam and Eve would thus have appeared perfectly normal, and they would have happily spent their childhood days playing in ‘the Garden’ (or more likely a secure wing of the hospital facility). Then one day the sex genes kicked in (as they do) and the two pubescent children suddenly realized that they were naked.

When Enlil saw them hiding with embarrassment, he immediately realized the genetic trick which had been played on him, and the rest is history – the serpent was cursed and the blameless Adam and Eve were expelled.


Modern genetic science has revolutionized our understanding of the Book of Genesis and other ancient texts.

The alleged intervention by so-called gods is now supported by a scientifically plausible scenario, which involves two different Edens and two separate genetic creations. It is hardly surprising that the editors of the Bible were extremely confused, and their confusion has handed the Darwinists a walkover victory in the debate on mankind’s origins.

But, whilst these mainstream scientists hunt in vain for mankind’s ‘missing links’, interventionist scientists are engaged in a different search which has shattering implications for the new millennium – a search for mankind’s ‘missing gods’.


Truth when broken down into its basic elements comprises of Logic, Common Sense and Circumstantial Evidence.

Logic is the principles of reasoning, especially of the structure of propositions as distinguished from their content and of method and validity in deductive reasoning. Common sense is sound judgment. Circumstantial evidence is relating to, or dependent on circumstances or physical evidence. All three elements have to coincide with each other for it to be the truth.

People are basing their beliefs on what they have been taught and often the societal system reinforces those teachings. When the truth does come out it is mocked just as Arthur Schopenhauer said. Many people have suffered because of this. The life story of Galileo is an example.

Galileo had proof the earth orbited the Sun but the church refused his information and tried him for heresy because his findings contradicted those of the church.

The church later reversed the charges in light of the truth.

A Purpose for War

Human psychology, sociology, political leadership, economic conditions, and natural surroundings have to be taken into consideration.

“Many thinkers, however, have erroneously equated all human motives with motives found in the animal kingdom. This is a mistake because intelligence breeds complexity.”

Motivation becomes more elaborate with the rise of intelligence.

“It is easy to understand the mental stimuli in two alley cats squabbling over a scrap of food, but it would be a mistake to attribute as simple a state of mind to a terrorist planting a bomb in an airport.” In other words, you must raise your level of thinking/awareness to a higher level in order to see the truth.

War is an effective tool for political and social control over a large population. It can be used to keep a people divided as well. If a people are divided they are less likely to realize the truth. Conflicts and turmoil cover earth’s history like a rash. But very few even realize who started these wars and for what purpose simply because they are not looking at the world from the proper perspective.

The conflict in the Bible between “God” and the Serpent. “God” was trying to keep a certain type of knowledge away from Mankind and the Serpent was trying to teach Mankind that knowledge. The victor of that conflict would be the ones (yes plural!) who controlled earth.

In Eden the members of “God” made it a sin to eat of the fruit. The fruit is an apple and it is symbolic for a certain kind of knowledge. To help keep Man away from that knowledge they taught that if Man learned it he would die.

Asking the question,

“Why should learning knowledge be a sin?” (the original sin) and comparing it to modern day observations ought to wake you up to the fact that you live within societal system that was engineered by the members of “God” to empower themselves while keeping those who live within it ignorant. Do you want to test this theory?

Write down on a piece of paper all the things that you own. Next, for each item ask yourself,

“Did I design and manufacture this item?”

A majority of things within your home you purchased and have no knowledge of how they were designed or built.

“The Custodians [God] clearly did not want mankind to begin traveling the road to spiritual recovery.”

One sure way is to keep knowledge away from the human race.

The information they do not want you to learn however is not of the technological kind, it is The Forbidden Knowledge. Methods used to control an entire world and to keep the personalities who live in that world spiritually ignorant and unaware of the prison system they are caught in. Did you learn anything about Freemasonry’s dominate presence on earth in grade school?

The bible says Satan is a destroyer, it also says in II Corinthians 4 that he controls earth. This should be of no surprise to you with what you just learned because it coincides with modern day observations.

The social system you live within lies to you. It conditions your mind to think that you are the most advanced human earth has ever seen when in fact, the reverse is true. You are dependant on it for all your basic needs. Everything is already prepare for you. Your clothes come from department stores, your food comes from grocery stores, and your home was most likely not designed and built by you either.

Do you think that is progress? The bottom line is, you can use technology but you cannot design and build your own unless you have a lot of money and who controls the money? Freemasonry.

The Custodial-designed societal system includes an education sub system that produces robots, people who all think the same way and an employment sub system which furthers that robotic behavior. This makes it easier for them to control the people because a robot never questions authority and does what everyone else does.

Satan traded places with God in Eden and fooled the human race. 

Modern day observations prove this.

The Custodial Creators – Adam, a slave to the gods

Creation stories from all around the ancient world all have a common theme, where mankind is created from dirt, mud or clay by a divine being.

These stories are all similar to the biblical Adam & Eve story. This similarity extends to the Tower of Babel and the Great Flood stories as well. The Alaskan Eskimos, ancient Egyptians, Japanese, and South Americans all tell us that their ancestors either were transported by their gods or their gods taught them their languages or writing. One place where you wouldn’t expect a creation story to be similar to the Adam & Eve epic, is Australia.

The Aborigines in Australia tell of a creator being named Indjuwanydjuwa. 

Indjuwanydjuwa is said to have created this world. He created everything Himself. He created a man and a woman from the mud. He then told the man and woman to make more people to fill the country. This creator told the Aborigines they could eat the fruits of the plain, fish, turtles etc. “It tasted good,” He said.

Dreamtime crocodile at Indjuwanydjuwa

The tail of how Mankind (Adam) was created is a difficult one to believe at first, however, extensive research will reveal the truth to you. The above mentioned similarities within the creation stories of mankind, The Flood and the Tower of Babel all have a common root, Sumeria.

The editing and summarizing by the compilers of the Book of Genesis have left us dumbed down versions of the events. Earlier texts offer more detail.

If Christians were to study the Hebrew bible, which is the ORIGINAL, they would discover that, first of all, the creative act is attributed to a certain ELOHIM – a plural term that at the least should be translated as “gods,” not “God”.

“God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.”

Then the suggestion was carried out:

“And God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.”

The suggestion originates from a plural entity who addresses a plural audience. And second, Christians would become aware that the quoted verse also explains why “The Adam” was created:

“For there was no Adam to till the land.”

These are two important – and unsettling – hints to who had created Man and why.

The creators of Mankind are “Custodial gods”. That term can be safely interpreted as the biblical Elohim/modern day Elite Freemasons because of their occultic signature they encoded within human DNA. These are the same individuals who were part of “God”, the very same who control the world (II Corinthians 4).

Genesis 6:3 also says they are flesh and blood beings just as you and I are.

The Details

Ancient Mesopotamian tablets say there once was a time where there were no humans on earth at all. Instead, earth was inhabited by the gods. The gods were mining and exploiting earth’s resources.

Life on earth wasn’t easy for these gods, as one tablet says:

When the gods like men
Bore the work and suffered the toil-
The toil of the gods was great,
The work was heavy, the distress was much…

The gods were not happy with their situation.

They were prone to complaining, backstabbing, and rebellion against their leaders. They needed a solution, a new race of slaves to take over their back breaking work. And of course the solution to their problem was the Adam.

The Biblical Garden of Eden is not a mythological place but a real location. It was located in what we call modern day Iraq.

The Biblical Adam & Eve story in the Bible is commonly misunderstood. Most think the original sin had something to do with sex or nudity. When properly researched one would discover it was the learning of certain types of knowledge that was made a sin. The Elite Masons (Elohim) didn’t want Man to learn that knowledge.

Knowledge that when studied, leads to the realization that earth is a prison where spiritual beings can get trapped and that unless they study this knowledge they would be forever controlled by evil and never be free. Freedom is something they do not want you to have that is why they designed an education system that produces individuals who all think the same way. It is much easier for them to control a robot then it is to control a rebel.

Ancient Mesopotamian texts reflect that the gods (Elohim) were fully clothed while being served by nude humans.

Adam & Eve were mortified by what their nakedness represented. It represented slavery. These texts also reflect that the gods had male and female bodies, and they bred by sexual intercourse. Ancient Mesopotamians even state that they provided these ruling gods with human prostitutes. That is reminiscent of the way modern day politicians in Washington D.C. behave.

The Brotherhood. 

Some people mistakenly think the term “Big Brother” refers only to the U.S. government when in fact it refers to something much bigger. Today the Brotherhood is a world-wide network of secret societies which do evil to Mankind. A group of evil individuals both male and female who hide behind the good works dimension of Freemasonry. They plot and scheme for their own amusement and benefit.

The Brotherhood was formed to teach Man spiritual truth (the forbidden knowledge). Prince Ea was the individual who founded the organization. As biblical, ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian texts say, Ea and his Brotherhood were quickly defeated by members of God. They taught lies that Ea was evil and should be destroyed. They pinned evil names to his character such as, Prince of Darkness and Evil Incarnate.

“God’s” behavior in Genesis is a dead give-a-way. “God” was clearly not Christ’s father because Christ’s father would not lie and deceive to prevent knowledge from being known to the human race.

Ea was later known as the Serpent in Genesis. 

You see him in the bible trying to teach the forbidden knowledge to man while Satanic forces took on the image of God and taught that it was sin to learn that knowledge. Comparing the behavior of God in Eden to the way those who run modern day government (Elite Masons) behave will reveal that they are one and the same. They also are responsible for the structure of the societal system.

You know, the one that has made you so DEPENDANT.


Ancient Mesopotamian tablets credit Ea with the supervising of the genetic manufacture of Homo sapiens. Ea was the son of Anu, who was the ruler of another world.

Prince Ea was known by the title, “EN.KI,” which means “Lord [or Prince] of Earth.”

Mesopotamian texts portray Prince Ea as an advocate who spoke before the council of the gods on behalf of the new earth race. Ea opposed many of the cruelties that other “gods,” including his half brother, Enlil, inflicted upon human beings.

Many people are unaware of the sudden extinction of the Neanderthals and the sudden appearance of human civilization. Evolution isn’t that fast! Messrs.

…the utter, almost abrupt disappearance of Neanderthal people remains one of the enigmas and critical problems in studies of human evolution.

Encyclopedia Britannica concurs:

“The factors responsible for the disappearance of the Neanderthal peoples are an important problem to which there is still no clear solution.”

When the idea of creating a primitive worker made it to the council of the gods, they wondered how can you create a being intelligent enough to use tools and to follow orders?

A Sumerian text has immortalized the answer given by EA to the assembled Anunnaki, who saw in the creation of an Adamu the solution to their unbearable toil:

The creature whose name you uttered…

All you have to do, he added, is to
Bind upon it the image of the gods.These are the words which hold the key to mankind’s creation.The bomb which blows both Creationism (as taught by the church) and Evolution out of the water. They talk of a creature that already exists on earth. What is this creature?The process envisioned by Ea was to “Bind” upon the existing Apeman/Apewoman through genetic manipulation. In other words, they combined their genes with that of the Neanderthals, upgrading Neanderthals to human beings.The ancient Sumerians saw with their own eyes the Neanderthals, they called them “Apemen/Apewomen.” They also considered them to be a totally separate species, unrelated to humans.The term Adamu, which is clearly the inspiration for the biblical name “Adam,” and the use of the term “image” in Sumerian text, which is repeated intact in the biblical text, are not the only clues to the Sumerian/Mesopotamian origin of the Genesis creation of Mankind.

The biblical use of the plural pronoun and the depiction of a group of Elohim reaching a consensus and following it up with the necessary action also lose their enigmatic aspects when the Mesopotamian sources are taken into account.

The verse, “God said, Let us make men in our image, after our likeness”, reveals not only God in the plural but it also reflects that we humans are genetically connected to the Elohim.

So, here we have a bible stating that “God” is plural and he addresses a plural audience, and we also have Sumerian texts which tell us the gods upgraded a primitive creature.

Primitive Creature







This strange creation story answers the riddle of the of the sudden disappearance of the Neanderthals. It also answers the riddle as to why we see VERY hairy people in the modern world.

Ever seen actor/comedian Robin Williams with his shirt off?

To many this creation story is off the wall. It doesn’t reflect what is taught in the church and it is not taught in government controlled schools and I will ask,


It is what I believe. It is the only theory I have run across which answers many hard to answer questions.

Creationism as taught by the church doesn’t account for the pluralness of “God” as depicted in the bible and Sumerian writings. It also doesn’t reveal why “God” used the master numbers within human DNA. Nor does it offer an answer for the sudden disappearance of Neanderthals or modern hairy people.

The theory of Evolution doesn’t give an acceptable conclusion for me either. I believe both parties ought to dust off their bibles and read them.

How would you account for the numbers 11, 22, and 33 being encoded within human DNA? How would you account for their connection to Freemasonry, World Control and Satanism? What theory do you have that would answer the many riddles which accompany this subject?

Do you have the feeling I just said the church is a liar? EXACTLY! The church has never taught the truth. Freemasonry is to blame for it too.

Tracing the Brotherhood’s influence on Mankind back through time reveals its motives. All through time The Brotherhood was busy teaching falsehoods to the human race to control and enslave it.

Creating wars just for fun and centering them around astronomical ritual alignments of 19.5 and 33 degrees in tribute to their god, Satan.

The Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt The Brotherhood was known as “The Mystery Schools”, where it continued its misleading practices.

“The powerful human drives for spiritual integrity and immortality were twisted into an obsessive quest to preserve bodies.”

The preservation techniques of the Egyptians were quite good.

Mummification was nothing more than a joke which was taught to the pharaohs. It was clear that their minds were being taught falsehoods because a lot of what was taught never came true.

The Presidential Seal sports an eagle. The eagle replaced the Phoenix ( the original national bird) in 1841 as the national bird. The Phoenix has been a Brotherhood symbol since ancient Egypt.

The Phoenix was adopted by the Founding Fathers (Freemasons) for use on the reverse of the first official seal of the United States after a design proposed by Charles Thompson, Secretary of the Continental Congress.

Both these seals have more than one instance of the number 13, an important number within Freemasonry.

The eye of Horus , is a symbol found in ancient Egypt, the modern equivalent is the Illuminati symbol, the All-Seeing Eye of God seen on the reverse of the American one dollar bill. The pyramid with the eye is a symbol for the Illuminati, a spin-off of the Brotherhood.

The word “Illuminati” is Latin for “Illuminated (enlightened) ones.” 

Egypt’s Custodial “gods” were said to of participated in the up-bringing of the pharaohs.

The Pharaoh Thutmose III is being taught an archery lesson by one of his “gods.” Thutmose was famous for his military exploits. The gods of ancient Egypt were portrayed with the heads of animals.

The Pharaohs and priests of ancient Egypt acted on behalf of the “gods” and were unpopular with the Egyptian people.

The Old Kingdom (ca. 2685-2180 B.C) was followed by a period of weakness and unrest. Even the Great Pyramid of Cheops had been broken into by unhappy Egyptians.

According to historian Ahmed Fakhry:

The Egyptians so hated the builders of the pyramids that they threatened to enter these great tombs and destroy the mummies of the kings.

Today we share the same HATRED for our government leaders as the ancients did for their “gods.” There is NO difference between the ancient gods and certain modern leaders whether they be government, military or religious. We have come to know them as the gods of war or the War Pigs.

Members of The Brotherhood were in Germany and were part of the Nazi hell in World War II. Any opportunity they had to create war they did it.

When you compare modern day observations (such as the Luciferic design of Washington D.C.) with what transpired in Eden and how they relate to each other you will realize it is based on actual events. The modern day Elite Freemasons were busy all through history taking truth, mixing it in a blender with falsehoods and letting man drink. Unless you take on the job of righting these wrongs within your mind you will not recover spiritually.

Take their falsehoods and pour them through a filter (which prevents them from passing through) into a glass. Then drink the contents of the glass so that it becomes a part of you.

“They came to earth millions of years ago to spread the poison of hatred , war and catastrophe… they are with us still…”


Prince Ea was a very important figure in the ancient world, as we have learned from the Gods of Eden. Ea was the one who suggested that the Neanderthals be used as a base for a new creation. This creation would take over their work load. Ea basically said,

“all we (Elohim) have to do is upgrade them using our own genes.” (Genesis 1:27)

Ea was a genetic engineer. Within ancient Sumerian writings he is given credit for many other accomplishments other than engineering Homo sapiens. It is said that Ea drained marshes by the Persian Gulf and replaced them with fertile agricultural land. Ea also supervised the building of dams and dikes.


Ea didn’t engineer Homo sapiens without trial and error though. His character was flawed as ancient Sumerian writings reflect. He was somewhat careless at times.Goodhearted is what Ea was, at least in regard to his creation. Ea spoke before the councils of the gods on behalf of the new EArth race. Ea was against the cruelties the other gods were imposing on humans. Ea’s wishes were overruled by the other faction. Ea did not intend for the human race to be treated harshly.The rebellious god Ea formed an organization called, “The Brotherhood of the Serpent/Snake.” Ancient Egyptian writings tell us its ORIGINAL purpose was to educate the human race in TRUTH and to liberate the human race from its bondage, the same bondage portrayed within the movie, “The Matrix” , where “AI”/Satan is the controller of the human race.

Ea was a God of Heaven and Earth, a deity originally of the heavens

No other animal within ancient civilizations was more prominent or as important… than the SNAKE. The snake is just one among many other symbols of the Brotherhood. The snake is also a symbol used within Freemasonry, the Devils religion. It is important to say again, not all Masons worship Satan, only the top 5% do.Ea and his father Anu were said to of possessed profound ethical and spiritual knowledge. This is the same knowledge that was later symbolized as trees in the biblical Adam and Eve story. The biblical tree symbol came from pre-Biblical Mesopotamian works, such as one showing a snake wrapped around the trunk of a tree, identical to later portrayals of the snake in Eden. The picture on the left depicts the biblical Adam & Eve in Eden with the Serpent (Ea) wrapped around the tree.From the tree in the Mesopotamian depiction hang two pieces of fruit. To the right of the tree is the half-moon symbol of Ea; to the left is the planet symbol of Anu. What this drawing indicates is that both Ea and his father Anu were associated with the snake and its teachings.The ones who wanted to control the human race didn’t want this knowledge to be known to humans, so it became THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE. The evil faction overthrew Ea. The Brotherhood of the Serpent/Snake was then turned against him. They taught falsehoods about Ea. Because of all the LIES that were taught, many people today think the Serpent in Eden is Satan (a liar and evil doer) and not Ea (a freedom fighter).Ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and biblical texts relate that the “snake” or Prince Ea was quickly defeated by other factions.Ea’s title was no longer “Prince of EArth.” It changed to “Prince of Darkness.” Other horrible names were attached to him as well such as,

· Satan

· the Devil

· Evil incarnate

· Monarch of Hell

· Lord of Vermin

· Prince of Liars

This of course is where Satan fooled everybody into thinking he was God and God was Satan. (God = Satan, Satan = God)

In modern day, Ea and his father Anu are represented within the seal of the American Medical Association (AMA) as two snakes coiling up a rod. The AMA’s current seal features a snake with no fangs. Brotherhood teachings included physical healing through spiritual means.

The Brotherhood of the Serpent/Snake has been the worlds most effect tool for keeping the human race spiritually ignorant. Ea wound up giving his enemies a powerful tool of spiritual repression. EArth became a place where spiritual beings can be trapped, enslaved, and made to suffer.The Brotherhood has been with the human race all through history. In Ancient Egypt it was known as “The Mystery Schools.” This secret society Brotherhood also includes Freemasonry.Ran by evil The Brotherhood continues to dumb down the human race via repetitive mind control tactics, in an effort to forever control the human race.