… NADDRED … Y Gwir Erbyn Y Byd

“Truth Against the World.”

The priests of the Mysteries were symbolized as a serpent, sometimes called Hydra…SHAMANS … The Serpent Kings used to reign over the earth … not like the fake royal dynasties of nowadays. It was these Serpent Kings who founded the Mystery schools which later appeared as the Egyptian and Brahmin Mysteries… .The serpent was their symbol…They were the true Sons of Light, and from them have descended a long line of adepts and initiates

What were the insignias of these Serpent Kings? 

“The three, five, seven, nine-headed snake is the totem of a race of ruler, (Brahmins/ Naddreds) who presided over the Aryan Hindus.”-J.H. Baecker.

The Maruts, Rudras and Pitris are esteemed “Fiery dragons of wisdom,” as magicians and Druids were of old.”-Hans F.K.Gunther( the Religious Attitdues of the Indo-Europeans)

What about Druids themselves? 

“(Druids) a caste incorporating all the learned professions, philosphers, judges, teachers, historians, poets, musicians, physicians, astronomers, prophets and political advisers or counselors.” -P. Berresford Ellis (The Druids)

“As one of their leading dogmas, they (Druids) include this: that souls are not annihilated, but pass after death from one body to another, and they hold that by this, men are much encouraged to valor, throught disregarding the fear of death.

They also discuss and impart to their young many things concerning the heavenly bodies and their movements, the size of the world and our earth, natural sciences, and the influence and power of the immortal Gods.”-Julius Caesar

From the old Irish texts, one gathers that the Druids were concerned, above all things, with Truth…this notion of truth as the highest principal and sustaining power of creation pervades the Irish literature.” -Peter Berresford Ellis


One of the Holy sites of the Druids were described as such: 

“One of their (Druids) temples in the island of Lewis in the Hebrides, bears evident signs of their skill in the science of astronomy. Every stone in the temple is placed astronomically. The circle consists of twelve equidistant obelisks denotoing the twelve signs of the zodiac. The four cardinal points of the compass are marked by lines of obelisks running out from the circle, and at each point subivided into four more.”

You can see how the Catholics ripped this off with St. Peters Square in Rome.

On the Wisdom Temples of the Druids: 

“The students at these universities numbered at times sixty-thousand souls, among whom were included the young nobility of Britain and Gaul. It required twenty years to master the circle of Druidic knowledge… Natural philosphy, astronomy, arithmetic, geometry, jurisprudence, medicine, poetry, and oratory were all proposed and taught, the first two with severe exactitude. The system of astronomy inculcated had never varied, being the same as taught by Pythagoras, now known as the Copernican or Newtonian.”

“In the Druidic order indeed centered, and from it radiated to the whole world civil and ecclesiastical knowledge of the realm: they were its statesmen, legislators, priests, physicians, lawyers, teachers, poets; the depositories of all human and divine knowledge; its Church and parliament; its court of law its colleges of physicians and surgeons; its magistrates, clergy and bishops.”

“Druids appear as healers in many Irish and Welsh tales. And in the Sagas we find many male and female physicicans. …The Druidic physicians appear in native sources as being skilled with herbs as well as surgery and among their operations they perform Caesarean sections, amputations and brain surgery…We are told that a whole medical corps accompanied the army of Conchobhar mac Nessa during the Tain wars.”

It appears that part of their Temples where also used as free hospitals for the populace, i.e. free health care.



The Druids also taught from their Temples that the path to true salvation was by work on oneself by finishing the Opus and obtaining physical and spiritual perfection. Part of their religious views center of a sun God named Esus who is crucified, dies and rises from the dead, a thousand years before Christianity existed.

A title of the Druids was Aryan meaning “Pefected man, shining one” or “twice born” in the alchemical sense. Ireland was once called Erie meaning Aryan.

What about St. Patrick and chasing the Snakes out of Ireland, when there have never been physical snakes in Ireland?

“No country in Europe is so associated with the Serpent as Ireland.”- J.Bonwick (Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions)

The story of Patrick is about Christianity removing the Naddreds and their wisdom Tradition and centers from Ireland. The Christians lead by Patick burned one of the largest libraries in the world holding over 300,000 texts, all the knowledge of the sciences, lore and history of the Aryan peoples. That was just the start of the cultural and physical genocide the Christians launched in Erie.

Ireland was once Erie- the place called by the Hindus “The seat of religion” the realm of the great Naddreds the blessed land of light where thousands of people travelled from across the world to be taught in the Temples.

Now look at what it has become, because of Patrick the murderer and Jewish-Christianity.


Is that what an honest person would want to celebrate?

The Brotherhood of the Sun . 

The Intic Churincuna, the Solar Brotherhood, which had existed since the time of Lemuria, the legendary continent of the Pacific, which is now mostly at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

The Solar Brotherhood was the first manifestation of the “Great White Brotherhood” on Earth



All ancient civilizations were Sun worshippers and that the early adepts established headquarters associated with the Sun, such as Heliopolis in Egypt). The Solar Brotherhood was first brought to Earth from Venus by adepts known as the Kumaras, a name which has the meaning of “androgenous Serpents.”

You can find references to the Kumaras in the Hindu Puranas where they are described as being the first teachers of Yoga on the planet.


Sanat Kumara, has remained on Earth for thousands of years to oversee the workings of the GWB from Shamballa, his headquarters in the Gobi Desert.

The Intic Churincuna was brought to the Andes by a Lemurian sage called Aramu or Amaru (the Serpent), Muru. Apparently there had been a special convocation on Lemuria just before the continent’s fabled destruction and Aramu Muru and other “Serpents” were elected to take the records and power objects of the Kumara/Solar Brotherhood to various parts of the world. Those who later became the Nagas (Serpents in Sanscrit) in India, the Lung Dragons of China, and the Amarus in Peru, were elected to take the ancient wisdom to their respective countries. Later, a similar convocation would occur on Atlantis with certain serpent masters of that land chosen to take the Atlantean records and teachings to the pan-Atlantic territories.

The Atlanteans were giants, whose physical beauty and strength reached their climax, in accordance with evolutionary law, toward the middle period of the fourth sub-race. The records speak of their giant intellect and their giant size. They built great images, 27 feet high — the size of their bodies. The statues found by Cook on Easter Island measured almost all 27 feet high and eight feet across the shoulders. The days when matter would be in
its full sway on earth and man would reach the apex of physical development in stature and animality, came to pass during the period of the middle point of their race. Since then, man began decreasing in stature, strength and years.

According to the Brahmans, this country had attained a high civilization, and the peninsula of Hindustan, enlarged by the displacement of the waters at the time of the grand cataclysm, has but continued the chain of the primitive traditions born in this place. These traditions give the name of Rutas to the people who inhabited this immense continent, and from their speech was derived the Sanskrit.”

The Hindus possess recorded observations from the date of the first Great Flood within the Aryans, historical memory. One million years are allowed for our present Aryan Fifth Race, the first sub-race of which witnessed the doom of the last of the populations of the giant Atlanteans, that which submerged the last portions of Atlantis, 850,000 years ago. The Secret Doctrine declares that most of the later island Atlanteans perished in this interval between 850,000 and 700,000 years ago, and that the Aryans were 200,000 years old when the first great island or continent was submerged. But the destruction of the famous island of Ruta, in the later Pliocene times, and the smaller one of Daitya, must not be confounded with the submersion of the main continent of Atlantis during the Miocene period.

After the submersion of Ruta (850,000 years ago) there was no great submersion until the day of Plato’s Atlantis, or Poseidonis, which belongs to historical times. Plato’s Atlantis perished between water below and fire above; its great mountain vomiting flames all the while. The “fire vomiting monster” (the peak of Teneriffe?) survived alone out of the ruins of the unfortunate island. A number of small islands scattered around Poseidonis had been vacated, in consequence of earthquakes, long before the final catastrophe. The last of the islands of the Great Atlantis — Poseidonis, which lasted until about 12,000 years ago — alone remained in the memory of man, thanks to some written records.


These missionary Serpents became known in Mexico as the Quetzlcoatls or Kukulcans, as the Djedhi (the “Stable Serpents”) of Egypt, the Druid Adders of Britain, and the Dactyloi of Greece. It is interesting to note that wherever the Lemurian or Atlantean serpents established branches of the GWB they built temples aligned with Venus and the planet itself became associated with saviors and immortals. The immortal Osiris of Egypt, the savior Queztlcoatl of Mexico, and the World Teacher of the Christ, were intimately associated with Venus.



Egyptian ancient writings show: “One winter morning around the year 1,482 B.C. Thutmose III first saw a ‘UFO’…. Described as; ” a CIRCLE of FIRE”, emitted no sound, it had no voice’, according to inscriptions. After some days had passed, these things became more numerous in the skies than ever. “Were extremely bright or more…than the brightness of the sun, and were relatively small about 16′ in diamater. Thutmose III was taken aboard and flew up to the sky and learned the secrets of Heaven

“…..among the papers of the late Professor Alberto Tulli, former Director of the Egyptian section of the Vatican Museum. It is a fragment from the Royal Annals of Thuthmosis III (circa 1504-1450 B.C.) and when translated reads as follows:

” ‘In the year 22 third month of winter, sixth hour of the day…the scribes of the House of Life found it was a circle of fire that was coming in the sky (Though) it had no head, the breadth of its mouth (had) a foul odour. It’s body one rod long (about 150 feet) and one rod large, It had no voice…Now, after some days had passed over these things, Lo! they were more numerous than anything. They were shining in the sky more than the sun to the limits of…heaven…Powerful was the position of the fire circles. The army of the king looked on and His Majesty was in the midst of it. It was after supper. Thereupon, they (the fire circles) went up higher directed towards the South.’

Ramses II

Professor P. F. Ceccaldi, with a research team, studied some hairs from the mummy’s scalp. Ramesses II was thought to be 87 years-old when he died, and his hair had turned white. Ceccaldi determined that the reddish-yellow color of the hair was due to a dye with a dilute henna solution. Many Egyptians dyed their hair, and this personal habit was preserved by the embalmers. However, traces of the hair’s original color remained in the roots. Microscopic examinations showed that the hair roots contained natural red pigments, and that therefore, during his younger days, Ramesses II had been a red head. Analysis concluded that these red pigments did not result from the hair somehow fading, or otherwise being altered after death, but did represent Ramesses’ natural hair color. Ceccaldi also studied the cross-section of the hairs, and determined from their oval shape, that Ramesses had been “cymotrich” (wavy-haired). Finally, he stated that such a combination of features showed that Ramesses had been a “leucoderm” (white-skinned person).

In a variation of the lotus flower theme, it is a scarab beetle that emerges from the petals of the flower and who then turns himself into a little boy who weeps. The scarab beetle is an important symbol of the sun god Ra 4000 BC

The Sumerians from Iraq had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations according to their text. The extraterrestrials also interbred with humans and traveled with them to the stars. The kings were taken to the stars by the extraterrestrials. Sumerian text coincides with “the book of genesis”. Their astronomy was highly developed. They had numbers with 15 digits! The Sumerians say extraterrestrials are from Mars, the star system Pleiades, and the star Sirius. Sumerian text shows drawings of solar system


1500 BC Egypt, The Palace of Pharaoh Thutmosis III. 
Circles of fire are said to have hovered over the palace while fishes,
winged creatures, and other objects rained down from the sky.
Michael Tsarion at the first ARC (Alternative Research Community)

Convention in Bath, England..