HAUNTED BRITAIN … Ghosts of Pengersick Castle and Bristol Odeon


In the parish of Breage are the ruins of Pengersick Castle which in 1890 had only fragments and a portion of the tower standing. Some of the upper rooms were fallen in and in a state of decay. The lower oak panels are curiously carved but time and the elements have almost effaced the designs. One panel remains legible, called Perseverance and contain the following lines:

What thing is harder than the rock?
What softer is than water clear?
Yet wyll the same, with often droppe,
The hard rock perce as doth a spere.
Even so, nothing so hard to attayne,
But may be hadde, with labour and payne.

These ruins stand on the ruins of a much older castle and in it lived, during the dark ages, a very wicked man. This man while fighting in a foreign land forgot his wife at home and courted a king’s daughter who is supposed to have given him a magic sword which ensured victory in every battle to its owner. This man deceived and left this woman but she followed him to his home by the Mount with her son in her arms.

She met the man in his home and upbraided him; he, in a fit of rage, threw them both into the sea. The lady drowned but she was turned into a white hare which continually haunted this old lord, but the boy was picked up by a passing ship.

The lord’s wife afterwards died and he married again, this time to a very wicked woman reputed to be a witch. She was cruel to her step–son who lived with his father in the castle.

One night a violent storm arose in Mount’s Bay and the young man went down to the water to see if any ships were in distress. He found an exhausted sailor on the beach who had been washed in by the waves. He had his servants carry the sailor home and put in his own bed. When the sailor revived and was cleaned up, they were astounded at the resemblance to each other and they became good friends.

Together the two young men went to Marazion (about four miles west of St. Breage) to see if they could find the ship the stranger had fallen from into the sea. The ship was found safe in the harbor. The captain, who the sailor had always thought of as his father, told them for the first time how when he was an infant he was resued from drowning in the same bay as he had nearly drowned the night before. Thus, they discovered they were brothers, the sailor being the son who had been cast into the bay for dead.

HAUNTED BRITAIN (1/3) Ghosts of Pengersick Castle


Conclusion of the ghostwatch at Pengersick Castle and a haunting at the Bristol Odeon.



The Odeon Cinema in Bristol UK is allegedly haunted by the ghost of its 1940’s Manager who was murdered there in 1947.

His ghost is supposed to haunt screen three of the cinema and also the walkway between screens one and three.




A Man is Haunted by the ghost of a deceased cinema manager.